A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a CBD Affiliate

Are you looking for ways to earn some extra money from home? Well, then here's your chance for it!

Technology is everywhere and so is affiliate marketing. In recent times one of the best ways to make money in the CBD industry is the emerging trend of affiliate marketing.

This article will help you in understanding everything about affiliate marketing, and how it works along with step by step guide to becoming a CBD affiliate yourself. Read ahead to know about it.

Have you ever seen a social medial influencer promoting a product? Well, that exactly is affiliate marketing.

It is a sales model whereby a company pays a third party to sell its products. In exchange for both recommending a product or sales that result due to their referral, affiliates get a commission.

The CBD affiliate marketing works, when a company formulates an affiliate marketing program that generate a unique link or code for the affiliate. It is to track which affiliate made the sale.

When any referral person clicks on the link, the cookie is stored in their device and lets the affiliate have the commission, even though consumers don't purchase right away!

Credit or commission is granted if the unique link or code for CBD product has been used before its expiry.

Why become a CBD affiliate?

The CBD industry is growing by leaps and bounds. With the legalization of hemp in most countries, CBD affiliate programs are gaining immense popularity.

Since it saves you from so many restrictions, thus it's a quick and safest way to make money. Therefore, becoming an affiliate with companies offering such programs can be a great payoff!

As experts predict that CBD sales are going to $1.8 billion in the coming years!

Who is involved in CBD Affiliate Marketing?

Having said affiliate marketing is a simple process, there are three players involved in the entire process of CBD affiliate marketing. Have a look at the following!

  • Affiliates

Affiliates are most often the content creators and publishers in the same niche of the product they are promoting and advertising.

They work by promoting the products by several means such as blogs, videos, social media posts, etc. 

  • Sellers

Sellers are mostly CBD companies or product manufacturers of the product which the affiliates promote.

Apart from companies or manufacturers, sellers can be anyone who can afford to pay for the affiliates for each sale.

  • Consumers

Consumers are the audience that purchases the product. These consumers are usually not aware of the seller by themselves.

By having access to the services and products via affiliate link or code, consumers then purchase the CBD products. 

How do CBD affiliates get paid?

This is one of the most important concerns for the people who want to become a CBD affiliate. There is a wide range of payment methods depending upon which affiliate program are you in partnership with.

The most common types of payment methods are mentioned below:

  • Per sale

This is the most type of affiliate marketing and payment model. If we look around, all social media influencers are working via the same model.

In this method, an affiliate gets fixed commissions for every sale they generate.

  • Per Click

In the per-click payment method, affiliated get paid for the number of clicks generated on their unique link. The affiliates get paid whether or not the sale was done. However, this model is very rare.

  • Per Lead

Lead generation is another top marketing strategy. Affiliates work to generate leads (which is to develop consumer interest in the products so they inquire about the product) and get paid for all the leads they generate.

Basic tips to begin with CBD affiliate marketing

Before you impulsively jump onto any of the CBD affiliate programs, here are a bunch of tips you should know!

  1. Look for trusted brands

As a beginner, it is always better to work with renowned names and companies since you would be assured of their honesty.

However, you can also work with new brands but let me tell you that you would need to communicate with them frequently to ensure they are fair in the dealing.

While the digital age is full of benefits, scams are real as well therefore finding a transparent and authentic brand is important.

  1. Know the product before selling

Make sure that you are well aware of what you are advertising as it can be damaging to your audience.

This pre-promotion clarity may involve testing the product for yourself or looking for the list of ingredients and the products.

This may help you understand the transparency of the brand and the clarity that a brand is trading legal products.

  1. Beware of the legal requirements

Read and understand the legal agreement before you partner with any of the affiliate programs.  Make sure that you have agreed upon the payment method and amount before working with any affiliate program.

Moreover, beware of the legal requirements of the state as well, so you are not found guilty of promoting products that are not in compliance with local laws.

A step-by-step guide to becoming a CBD affiliate

Looking, to begin with, CBD affiliate marketing? Well, we have curated a step-by-step guide to help you through!

1. Decide on a channel for affiliation

If you are looking to become a CBD affiliate, you must know about channels that work for CBD products. While all platforms bring traffic, some are more successful than others such as:

  • Blogging

Blogging is one of the most influential ways to promote products. Bloggers can review the product, record tutorials, and generate "how-to" content to educate the audience.

Thus, they can generate sales by using their unique affiliate link in the content and get their credit for the sale.

  • Influencer Marketing

As the name says, influencer marketing is run by influencers who hold a lot of following and influence over people.

If you look around over Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, these influencers are everywhere. People follow influencers because they are interested in what these influencers have to say and trust them

Thus, influencers work by promoting the product, in their videos, reviews and account takeovers, etc.

  • Email Marketing

As the name suggests, this channel is linked with an email mechanism. It works when affiliates just don't want to vouch for the word "sale" every time.

Thus, it may work as a passive promotion technique, whereby an affiliate sends an email to the contacts with a unique promotional link attached in between the conversation and watch the sales roll in. 

  • Coupon Sites

With the ever-increasing trend of online shopping, the trend of coupon sites is also increasing. Posting your affiliate link on the coupon sites can help you generate a lot of sales, as savvy shoppers are all around these sites.

  • Mass media sites

On these sites, you may find product comparisons and reviews, many of which are affiliate products. These websites serve as a platform to promote products through ads or affiliate links.

2. Select your niche

A niche is a segment or category of your interest. Make sure to choose a unique product because that is what you would be known for, among the people.

When it comes to CBD, CBD oil has great potential in CBD affiliate marketing. It is mainly due to the therapeutic results is provide and increased chances of repurchases as well.

The top CBD affiliate marketing niches are as follows:

  • Lifestyle and wellness
  • Pet care
  • Food products
  • CBD oil and tinctures.

3. Look for a suitable CBD affiliate program 

There is a lot of research that goes into choosing the right CBD affiliate program. However, here is a brief overview of what you should know for making the right choice.

  • The uniqueness of the program (can be assessed by looking at what the brand is selling and how many people are already promoting it. This can give an idea if there’s any potential for success in the domain)
  • Payment Logistic (which answers the question of how you will get paid, in what currency, and via what means. It may help your know if the payout is feasible for you or not)
  • Relevancy (can determine if the product of the company is by anyway relevant to your audience. Losing interest of your audience for monetary benefit would be a huge loss)
  • Commission type (is important as it explains the mechanism of how you would get paid. It can either be a one-time commission per sale or commission at every re-purchase)

Thus, knowing all these things about the program can help you make the right choice, which can benefit all the players involved in affiliate marketing.

4. Create unique Promotional Content

Once you have signed up with an affiliate program, the next step is to make quality context to generate maximum sales. It can be done in a number of ways, such as:

  • Product reviews (is a staple in CBD affiliate marketing and one of the easiest ways to generate sales. Simply tell the audience about what you love and don't like about the product and how the product may help them)
  • Case studies (may help generate sales by “show” rather than “tell” marketing strategy. By supporting product benefits with scientific evidence can step up the game)
  • Tutorials (involve educating the audience about “how to” i.e. how they can use the product. It’s the actionable content that set up your audience for purchase)
  • Product comparisons (work by comparing the affiliate product with any other product which does the same job. Your honest opinions work in this regard.)

5. Develop Traffic for your platform

Once you have finalized all the aforementioned things, you're ready to generate traffic and build an audience that will come from the affiliate links. The process may seem easy, however, it is not.

Certain methods can make the process simple and easier for you. Keep reading ahead to know about them!

  • Email list (with the mention of email marketing above, it's no surprise that email lists help generate a lot of traffic. Develop your email list and once you have the information, you can send promotional emails to the individuals)
  • Paid Traffic (once you start making money, you can invest in making your site or blog rank the highest thus, to generate paid traffic and attention to affiliate links)
  • SEO ( works in an organic way where you simply create content with the keywords that the audience might be interested in and help you generate traffic and sales)

Best CBD affiliate programs for Beginners

Are you looking for reliable programs, to begin with? Well, here are a few programs that may work quite well for you as a beginner!

  • Plain Jane

This affiliate program offers a 20-15% commission with a cookie duration of 1 month. Their range of products includes everything from CBD gummies to CBD oil and many more.

If you are planning to affiliate with a lifestyle-based CBD brand, this is the one for you!

  • Green Roads

This company began to help people deal with health issues. Ever since it has become of the top brands to work with. The brand has a prominent social media presence as well.

Their affiliation program offer per sale commission and the cookie duration last for up to 30 days to 60 days at max.

  • Kanibi

It is a US-based company that deals in gummies, tinctures, oils, and everything related to lifestyle. The company itself has a number of visitors on its website.

The cookie duration is also remarkable it lasts up to 120 days with a great amount of commission.

However, since the company has already built traffic, it would not be a good choice for a beginner but you can always try your luck!

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There’s no doubt that affiliate marketing is a potential way to make money at home. With a little effort and creativity, you can build a larger audience- all without taking too much risk.

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