[Review-based] List of the best Colorado CBD Companies

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and belongs to the family of chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. The exact source of its extraction is believed to emerge out of flower cannabis renowned for its’ medicinal advantages, which is also known as hemp or cannabis.

Several scientific research pieces have proven CBD as a more powerful component than marijuana in its healing properties. What makes it even more propelling is the higher rate of safe and non-addictive usage.

Among many propelling advantages, CBD is most renowned for its use against anxiety, pain, seizures, etc. As the research on CBD continues to grow, new advantages are emerging each day.

CBD is a broad industry. For Colorado, CBD sales are expected to reach the highest of 1.5 billion dollars in the coming years.

Want to know what's even more interesting? Colorado is among the most enlightened state in the US for CBD and is also among the top 8 states to enable its usage for recreational purposes as well.

In this article, you would get to know where to shop for CBD in Colorado, the legal laws, top companies, and what to look for before you shop for CBD in Colorado. Read ahead to know more about it!

Does Colorado Consider CBD legal?

A definite answer to this question is yes. The farm bill of 2014 legalized the use of CBD in Colorado. Thus it is now legal for people over 18 years to purchase CBD with THC content below the limit of 0.3%.

However, products which exceed this limit are not available for purchase to everybody. Such products are legal for medical purposes alone.

The legal restrictions don't end here. In Colorado, these apply to places as well where you can purchase CBD. For reference, adults must need to be 21 years or older to purchase adult-use marijuana from licensed dispensaries.

The consumer has to get a medical marijuana card from a health physician who mentions an approved condition to get CBD products for medical purposes.

Legal Laws for CBD in Colorado

Just like any other state, Colorado isn't free of legal laws either. The state keeps on revising the legal laws with the advancement in CBD products.

Want to about them? A brief overview of some of the most important legal restrictions is as follows:

  • The hemp extracts should have less than 0.3% THC content.
  • The manufacturer or producer of hemp should observe all the legal guidelines for cultivating hemp else, it can’t be used as a food ingredient.
  • All other ingredients to be used in CBD products must be brought in from the state with the same standards and guidelines to ensure human safety.
  • The final products should be tested in a laboratory to ensure that it entails THC content below the limit of 0.3%/
  • With respect to medical marijuana, the state only allows its' residents to get the marijuana card made and have nationwide access to medical marijuana for ease against their condition.

Physical Stores vs. Online stores: Where to buy CBD in Colorado?

As per the laws, buying CBD in Colorado is easy, but don't know where to shop from? Well, it's an easy process as well. You can buy CBD from a nearby store or online as well.

Colorado is an enlightened state to buy CBD. The state is also incredible as many of the companies here emphasize natural and sustainable products.

But wait! Before getting into the detail of where to shop CBD, beware that many CBD companies haven’t taken approval from CBD, thus you can really trust what benefits they intend to provide.

1. Physical Stores:

As mentioned above dispensaries are the go-to place to find medical marijuana. However, you can find CBD products from natural health stores, head shops, and vape shops as well.

When it comes to physical stores, they are a varied range of products to choose from, however, one must do personal research to know what may suit them best!

A thoroughly curated list of stores is here to help you guide further! You can visit the following stores and shop for your required product:

  • The Green House
  • The Dankery
  • Healing Canna
  • Extreme Vape Shop

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2.Online Stores:

Before getting infatuated with the benefits of online stores, don't forget to do personal research. This can help you to filter out stores that are not certified and use uncertified ingredients in their products.

However, shopping CBD online has many benefits as well as you may get aware of many alternative products as well.

If you aren't ready to leave the comfort of your home, your order itself may arrive at your doorstep. Moreover, online purchases allow you to avail exclusive deals and discounts as well.

The last thing you would ever want would be to get into legal trouble. Thus, you just have to be more careful as the internet is deceptive thus many stores may be dealing in CBD products with high content of THC.

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Best CBD companies to shop from in Colorado: Review based

Among a variety of new companies stepping into the CBD industry, it has become really difficult to find the really credible ones.

Thus here’s a list of top companies, based on reviews, to help you pick one for yourself. Keep reading ahead to know about them!

Charlotte’s Web

This company was founded in 2012 and ever since and it's the most trusted brand. The founders started it to help a girl who couldn't find relief from anything else.

Thus, it automatically denoted the brand's aims to provide safe and effective products. The brand has been awarded several certificates as well, which ensure that it serves quality products, else no brand is credited with such rewards.

You can also check the certificate of analysis before buying from them. However, it is important to note that the company was hit by a class-action lawsuit due to mislabeling. While the company stated the claims not be of no credibility.


This brand has also gained a lot of certification and offers a wide range of CBD products. Apart from the certification, the brand has its own audience which keeps on repurchasing due to the benefits they yield from products.

You can choose among a variety of products from their website as all of their products are lab tested to ensure that customer safety is not compromised.

Let me tell you what's even best is that the company provides a QR code for each product. You can scan the code to visit the webpage that displays third-party lab results as well.

So far the company is among the top-rated as per the reviews available on their website and several other platforms as well.


FabCBD is among the top brands in Colorado, however, they become out of stock quickly. Their user-friendly website provides a wide range of products to choose from.

When it comes to this brand, you can never be short of flavors. There’s a numerous range to choose from. Since the brand is currently growing, thus no certification is associated with them.


This brand grows its hemp on a farm in Colorado and owns a GMP certificate as well. Moreover, their production lab is registered with FDA.

This indicates that the company is linked with making high and finest quality products in Colorado. The company also published its lab results so you can confirm the contents and type of CBD used in the products.

Most of their products have high levels of CBD, so if you are new to its usage make sure you are well aware of the worst reactions as well.

Honest Paws

This brand deals with CBD products for pets. Their whole idea is to make products that are safe and pet friendly. Therefore, their production process is no different than human use of CBD products.

The brand's certification makes it even more trustworthy among consumers therefore the reviews are satisfactory as well. The company produces full-spectrum CBD products, thus providing a maximum advantage to pets.

What to look for while buying CBD in Colorado?

Before impulsively jumping to buy CBD in Colorado, several elements need to be checked. Read ahead to know about them!

  • Know the source which the brand is getting its CBD from. Check and then double-check the brands because it's better to go with domestically produced CBD.
  • Third-party lab testing is important to verify the safety of the products. Thus, it is important to choose a brand that provides results or publishes the results on their website. A QR code on the product also symbolizes the same thing.
  • Return policy satisfaction makes the customer satisfied before they even make a purchase. When you are not sure of a product, the return policy brings a guarantee that it would satisfy the customer.
  • Research the extraction method as it can give you a clear idea of whether the product can work for you or not. If the product went through an organic process, it may have an organic smell that many people don't like, thus you may then shift to a flavored product.
  • Subscription discounts offered by brands can help you enjoy the benefits of CBD. If you are planning to be a long-term consumer of CBD, opting for brands that offer discounts may help you in the longer run.

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Colorado has some great potential with regard to the CBD business. If you are in Colorado and planning to shop for CBD, the article has given substantial information to aid you.

However, it is important to keep your eyes on the changing regulations to avoid getting into any trouble

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