What are the best private label CBD companies in the USA?

Ever since the legalization of hemp, the CBD industry has gained significant popularity. Having that said, CBD is gaining momentum at the rate of 107% over the past three years and is expected to increase in the future.

In this competitive era, there are two prominent options to take off: private or white labeling.

Private labeling requires a hands-on approach to product development while white labeling involves partnering with a company to manufacture CBD products for your brand.

If you are thinking about starting your own business, private labeling is an excellent way to launch your brand which is why this article is pinpointing the best private label CBD companies in the US. Read ahead to know more about it!

Private label vs. White label companies: What’s the difference?

Private label companies provide custom-made products. These companies work by formulating their products which are then sold under the unique label of the brand.

Due to the unique formulation of private label products, they come with almost no risk of competition, this is a powerful domain to generate revenue!

However, a white label company deals in products that are standard made which are sold under multiple brand labels as well.

While white-label products aren't customizable or unique thus they come with a risk of competitiveness.

Key Factors to Look for in a CBD Company

Though there are many private label CBD companies you would come across, however, only a few are to be taken seriously!

Here's a list of curated elements that should be kept in mind before buying from private label CBD companies in the USA

Quality of a Product

Make sure to research if the company uses high-quality ingredients, offers a large line of products, and does independent testing of their product.

This will help you in ensuring their top-quality products and ingredient transparency of the brand as well.

Moreover, authentic private label companies provide, QR codes on their products for you to access lab reports thus, determining if the product is up to mark.

Credibility and legal compliance

Since private labeling involves custom product development, thus one must be sure enough that the company is working in compliance with the FDA laws.

Moreover, the US considers 0.3% of THC content as liable and legal for use, which is why companies not abiding by this regulation are never reliable to shop from!

Production Capabilities

Innovation and creativity will remain important differentiators. There is only a handful of the CBD private label business which strive for uniqueness.

Thus, you must look for companies with new ingredient innovations so you can always revert to something new!

Based on current circumstances, organic and eco-friendly products are new game-changers, so if you are also a retailer this can be an add-on to your brand.

Pricing mechanism

Transparency and trustworthiness will always remain important factors to consumers while making informed decisions.

Thus a brand must never be overcharging consumers for any of the products. Make sure to always draw comparisons to analyze if you are purchasing from the right brand!

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Top 10 private label CBD companies in the USA

After diving into deep research, I have realized that finding a private label CBD Company in the US, is the most difficult part as a consumer.

The main reason for this is multiple brands and companies entering the industry. Thus it becomes difficult to identify the trusted one!

This guideline will help you come across the top 10 private label CBD companies, for you to test and try for yourself as well! Keep reading ahead to know about them.


This brand is renowned for both private and white label CBD suppliers in the US. The brand is ISO certified and offers products with non-detectable levels of THC content in them.

Moreover, the brand is considered reliable as all the products are tested by a third party and declared free of pesticides and metals.

Product Range:

  • CBD gummies
  • CBD Oil and tinctures
  • Soft gels
  • CBD creams
  • CBD face masks and roll-on gels etc.

Pros & Cons:

  • THC-free broad-spectrum CBD products
  • Large range of products to choose from
  • All products are made in compliance with GMP FDA
  • Requirement of minimum order for the partnership
  • Additional fees are required for custom formulations


This company started in 2016 as a personal and healthcare brand. What makes them stand out is their sustainable manufacturing process.

Moreover, the product range is also tested by a third party. People who are conscious about environmental wellness find this brand their best choice!

Product Range:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Topical and Smokeables
  • CBD for Pets

Pros & Cons:

  • Access to cruelty-free products
  • The company is certified by cGMP.
  • Free shipping on orders above $50
  • 30 Days guarantee of the products as well.
  • However, they don't grow hemp by themselves but rather purchase it from reliable sellers.


This brand deals in both full and broad-spectrum CBD products in the US. The company is based in Washington and sources all of its raw materials from certified suppliers.

The company works in compliance with the laws, therefore assigning a unique batch number to each batch for optimal accountability.

Product Range:

  • Tinctures
  • Powdered capsules
  • CBD Beverages
  • Self-care products

Pros & Cons:

  • Offers a wide range of products which make them look attractive
  • Considered reliable due to the several certificates of authentication
  • Deals are extensive distributions and delivery services all across Europe
  • However, their lead time and minimum order quantity are unpredictable.

CBD Nationwide

This company is among the top private label CBD supplier and manufacturers in the US. The brands work by maintaining proper control over the production process.

This is why the brand is certified with a certificate of analysis from ISO-certified labs.

Product Range:

  • Fruit chews and gummies
  • Tinctures
  • Topical
  • Capsules
  • Hard candies
  • CBD Caramel

Pros & Cons:

  • Labs are ISO certified
  • Third-party lab reports are available for all products
  • Less than 0.3% THC content in CBD products
  • The MOQ is unpredictable and varies from time to time


These brands started in Florida to bring the pharmaceutical industry to the production of medical cannabis.

The company handles its cultivation process and aids in providing relief against epilepsy, anxiety, etc.

Product Range:

  • CBD Flower
  • Edibles
  • CBD Inhalers
  • Oral products
  • Vape products

Pros & Cons:

  • All of their material is self-cultivated and not sourced.
  • Products do not claim to treat, but rather only provide relief.
  • They operate both online and via physical stores.
  • The delivery radius isn't well developed as well.

Vox Nutrition

This company is started in Indiana, US as a supplement manufacturer in 2010. The brand specializes in private label products.

However, the company also deals in custom product development as per the demand of the clients. What makes them even more special is their dealing with the bulk requirement.

Product Range:

  • CBD sport supplements
  • Vitamin supplements
  • CBD weight loss supplements
  • Pet supplements
  • CBD herbal and beauty supplements

Pros & Cons:

  • The brand is GMP and FDA certified.
  • Deals are a wide range of supplementary products
  • High-quality products with a shorter turnaround time
  • The setup is not as grand and the delivery's radius isn't wide as well.

Silver Shadow CBD

This brand has been dealing in CBD products since 2015. The brand deals in both CBD and non-CBD products. Their CBD product range is as follows:

Product Range:

  • CBD skincare
  • CBD soft gels
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD tablets
  • CBD tinctures

Pros & Cons:

  • Offer a shorter turnaround time.
  • Among very few brands to deal in both CBD and non-CBD products.
  • Compliant with the laws and regulations
  • MOQ and delivery charges are unpredictable.

Flower One

They are the experienced manufacturer, cultivator, and innovator in the field of CBD flower-related products. The company is among the top few in the state of Nevada.

Product Range:

  • CBD flower
  • CBD Oils
  • Concentrates
  • CBD Distillates
  • CBD Edibles and topicals.

Pros & Cons:

  • The brand works by cultivating hemp on their farms.
  • Deals in a wide range of products that are manufactured by CBD flower
  • Deals in both private and white label products.
  • Their turnaround time and MOQ is unclear.

Charlotte’s Web

This brand specializes in CBD oil. Their almost entire product catalog is made from plant-based extracts. However, their product range is as follows:

Product Range:

  • CBD oil
  • CBD gummies
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD topicals

Pros & Cons:

  • All of their products are THC free, thus don’t cause any high
  • High-quality products which are compliant with the FDA laws and regulations.
  • Offers discount and affiliate programs as well.
  • Offer no exchange or return on sale items.

Pure Hemp Botanicals

As the name indicates, the brand stands among the top names for the quality and trust it put into developing CBD products.

Based in Colorado, the brand aims to promote wellness and sustainability.

Product Range:

  • Tinctures
  • Softgels
  • Body lotion
  • Capsules
  • Lip balm
  • Pet tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Tea

Pros & Cons:

  • They deal in gluten-free and lab-tested products
  • The hemp extracts are not sourced but rather cultivated by the brand itself.
  • The products are sustainable and thus pose zero threat to the users or the environment.
  • The products are not exclusively tested by FDA
  • Moreover, MOQ and turnaround time are unclear.

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CBD products aren’t as easier to purchase as it appears on the internet. It may yield negative to worse side effects.

Thus, the article was curated in a way so you could reach the most authentic and reliable CBD brands and yield outstanding results.

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