Can We Put Inserts In The Cartridge Boxes?

Over the last decade or so, the vape industry has become not only one of the fastest-growing industries but also one of the biggest industries in the world. All this growth depends heavily on the marketing technique of the vape industry because they marketed their products by saying that vapes are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes and allow you to quit nicotine in a fun and easy way.

Thanks to this amazing marketing technique, the vape industry has become a gigantic industry and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. However, vape devices aren’t the only products that have contributed to this growth, and the vape cartridge niche deserves special credit because this niche has massively impacted the growth of the vape industry.

Cartridges are containers that are pre-filled with e-liquid or oils such as THC or CBD. The cartridges cut off the hassle of refilling the tank with your favorite e-liquid or replacing the coil because you just attach this cartridge to your vape and start vaping. This niche in itself has shown tremendous growth, and the competition in this niche is getting competitive with each passing day.

This is why your custom-printed vape cartridge box is of great importance, but there are things you can do to ensure that your customer receives the product in one piece, and that thing is to start using inserts in your THC cartridge boxes. In this blog, we will tell you about the benefits of inserts, the types of inserts, and the feasibility of incorporating inserts in your vape packaging boxes. If that sounds interesting, then let’s hop into it.

What Are Vape Cartridge Inserts?

Before we start telling you about vape cartridge inserts, their benefits, and their feasibility, you need to know what exactly vape cartridge inserts are. The insert is not just another element for your cartridge packaging because it serves a purpose. These inserts are used to keep your product presentable and your packaging organized and to protect your product from potential damage.

Some brands also use these inserts as a way to provide information to customers. The type of insert used can vary depending on the specific needs of the product.

Feasibility of Using Inserts

Before we delve deep down and start telling you about the types of inserts and benefits of using inserts in your cartridge packaging, you need to know about the feasibility of using inserts. The feasibility largely depends on the design and construction of the vape cartridge packaging. Here are some considerations:

  • Box Size and Design

The type of vape cartridge packaging and its size depend on the needs of the product of a specific brand. Regardless of the design and size of the packaging, inserts should fit in the packaging without causing any trouble for the product or making it challenging for the customers to access the product.

  • Material Compatibility

Don’t try to go cheap when it comes to the material of the inserts. The material used for manufacturing inserts should be of high quality so that they don’t react with the product or cause contamination.

  • Manufacturing Process

Manufacturers must have the necessary equipment and processes in place to produce cartridge packaging with custom insert efficiently. The production should not increase the price of the inserts or lead times.

Benefits of Using Inserts in Your Cartridge Packaging

Now that you are aware of inserts and the feasibility of inserts, you need to know about the benefits of using inserts in cartridge packaging. Given below are some of those advantages.

  • Protection

The first and biggest benefit of using inserts in your cartridge packaging is the extra protection your product gets. Vape cartridges are made from glass and are pretty sensitive, so using inserts won’t only protect your product but will also give you the peace of mind that your product is safe. Inserts are specially designed to protect your product from any external force.

  • Branding and Information

Inserts are made for more than just the purpose of protecting the products. Brands all around the world use inserts for branding purposes and inform customers about their brand and product. You can get your brand name and logo printed on these inserts so that they get a premium feel while unboxing the product.

  • Presentation

The purpose of inserts doesn’t stop at all this and goes further than this. Inserts in your cartridge packaging ensure that when customers open the packaging, they get organized packaging and a great unboxing experience. This will make your brand look professional to the customers.

  • Differentiation

Whenever a brand does something different that customers don’t expect, they get amazing responses from the customers in the market, and they get all the attention. Inserts will do that job for you because customers have grown used to the same unboxing experience every time they buy vape cartridges. Unique inserts can make the experience memorable for the customers.

Types of Inserts

After reading all about inserts and how massively they can help your brand repo, you must be dying to know about different types of inserts. Well, you don’t have to wait any further because it is here.

  • Foam Inserts

The most common insert type when it comes to cartridge packaging is foam inserts. These inserts are used to securely hold vape cartridges within the packaging. They offer great protection against shock or sudden jerks and vibrations during transportation.

  • Cardboard Inserts

Foam inserts are famous, but the way cardboard inserts are growing, foam inserts won’t stay at the top for long. The thing that makes cardboard inserts an amazing choice for cartridge brands is their versatility. You can use these inserts to print information about the product. However, the two best things about these inserts are they are cost-effective and they are eco-friendly.

  • Informational Inserts

The primary purpose of these inserts is to inform customers. This information can include usage instructions, product details, safety warnings, and QR codes for additional information.

  • Eco-Friendly Inserts

Customers are getting more and more concerned about brands not practicing eco-friendly packaging solutions because environmental health is getting worse with each passing day. This is why eco-friendly inserts are gaining more and more recognition from customers and insert manufacturers.

After reading all this, you shouldn’t be asking questions like, can we put inserts in the cartridge boxes? What you should be asking yourself is, when am I getting inserts for my cartridge packaging? If you want any kind of packaging, then get in contact with us and read more to learn about THC vs. CBD.

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