Do You Need a License To Sell CBD Products in Texas

Cannabis is approved by the FDA as a prescription drug and according to CBD federal laws, these prescription drugs cannot be added to any food, dietary supplements, or cosmetics. The ingredients of food, dietary supplement, and cosmetics are also regulated by the FDA. The selling and buying of CBD products are legal in Texas and are approved by the state health department of Texas in the year 2019. The cannabis-derived from industrial hemp is legal and is removed from the list of schedule I controlled substance list.

Under the Texas controlled substance act hemp is removed from the definition of marijuana and is now legal for buying and selling but it should come from a licensed hemp grower or producer. Another important thing is the content of THC in CBD products. The legal range is less than 0.3% of THC.

Is the License Required to Sell CBD Products in Texas?

A house bill 1325 was signed by the Governor of Texas in the year 2019 that permitted the manufacturing, production, sale, and retail of industrial hemp-derived CBD products. The products include those for human consumption like CBD.

The retailers and distributors who want to sell the cannabis are allowed as per section 11 of House Bill 1325. For the selling of CBD license is required as per the current CBD Texas laws. For selling it is to make sure that consumable hemp products are safe for consumption and the products sold do not contain 0.3% of the THC content

Yes, a license is required to sell CBD products in Texas. Those who wish to start a business selling CBD products are required to register with the Department of state health services.

Application For Licenses to Sell CBD Products

Department of state health Services provides an online platform for the registration and license sing application for the retailers and distributors for CBD products. These applications are submitted in the business and professional license category. When you apply for licenses then there is a set of documents that are needed to submit with the application.

How To Get a License For Selling Consumable Hemp Products?

  • First, you need to submit the documents online at the Department of state health services website for the license to sell CBD products in Texas. 
  • The fingerprint submission process will start
  • You will get the email from the fingerprint service code of Texas
  • From the email, you need to print the FBI authorization form and fill it
  • Then your fingerprint submission appointment is a scheduled and this can also be done using the phone number as well

If you are to work from various locations in the state then you need to add them all during the registration process

Role of the Department of State Health Services

Department of state health services Texas has the responsibility of controlling the manufacturers, resellers, and distributors of food, cosmetics, and medical manufactures of CBD derived from hemp. The local jurisdiction also regulates the sale of CBD products but does not prohibit the sale of these products. The Department of state health services Texas also do not regulate the private possession and use of food, dietary supplement, and cosmetic product. House bill 1325 has also designated some roles under its bill like

  • For consumable CBD products manufacturing licensing program initiation.
  • For retailers selling CBD products, it has a role in creating a registration program
  • Working for the testing of CBD products that are available for selling.

Some Important Information For the Sellers

If you are planning to sell CBD products like CBD oil then you must assure that the products are from the licensed distributors which have third-party testing labs and also make sure that those products are derived from industrial hemp and not from marijuana. The reason is marijuana contains high THC content and is illegal for selling and buying. FDA has not approved any CBD product to be sold over the counter that’s why some companies can cut corners in the testing of CBD products and other quality checks.

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