Dropshipping CBD: A Complete Guide to Success

If you are here to know about CBD dropshipping, you have come to the right place for it. This article will take you through the introduction of what dropshipping generally is, how it works, its profitability, how to establish your own business, and much more!

Dropshipping is a new model for online CBD businesses in which you are only required to invest a small amount of money. Surpassing over every challenge of finding a physical store where you can sell goods, dropshipping directly puts your business into an operational zone.

Not fully aware of what dropshipping is? Let me tell you dropshipping isn’t so unknown in today’s age.

It is known as the retail method whereby you don't have to get a store full of products. Instead, it functions by buying goods from another third-party supplier. Subsequently, the product will be directly shipped to the customer by the third-party supplier.

Dropshipping is highly rewarding for entrepreneurs who wish to enter the industry. It is because it does not entail the challenges of obtaining a brick-and-mortar shop. Moreover, the supplier is in charge of everything while the drop shipper only has to bring customers.

Dropshipping CBD in the USA might be a new domain but its success is making it a rapidly growing industry. In North America, the market size of dropshipping is expected to reach $16.1 billion by 2027.

Are you planning to enter the busy industry? If yes, here’s a guide for you to know about legally processing with CBD dropshipping business.

What is CBD Drop Shipping?

As compared to regular dropshipping, CBD dropshipping is a little complicated, especially in some regions with legalization issues.

Due to the medical uses of CBD and its association with cannabis (a highly stigmatized component), CBD products are subject to more regulations and challenges than regular dropshipping.

Just like any other type of dropping, CBD dropshipping suppliers in the USA work in a similar manner. A business (supplier) put out its product for sale by a third party, which markets them as its own.

When the third party makes a sale, it places an order with the supplier who then delivers the order to the customer.

However, the process entails three distinct types of dropshipping which are as follows:

  • First is the CBD dropshipping white label which includes a generic product that is provided to several retailers, whereby each of them then, prices and brands it for their customers.
  • Second is the CBD dropshipping private label, which includes a product specifically designed for one retailer alone. To put it in another way, if you want to work with a supplier to provide products of your own brand, this would be done via private label.
  • Lastly, there is black-owned CBD dropshipping, which is being run by African-Americans with an aim to DE-stigmatize the use of CBD. However, they are subject to racial discrimination and thus face additional challenges to survive

How does it Work?

Several things have been pointed out by other drop shippers to help the upcoming fellows follow! The dropshipping operating process is as follows:

  • Once your website becomes functional, a customer visits the website and decides to make a purchase.
  • You get notified about the purchase
  • Then you receive order information and the shipping information.
  • You would then have to forward the information to the supplier.
  • The supplier will prepare the product, do the packaging and deliver it to the customer on your behalf.

CBD dropshipping suppliers in the USA do benefit a lot from this type of business model where you don't have to purchase anything upfront, neither u have to look for any physical space for your business.

However, it does entail its unique set of challenges and legal issues. Read ahead to know about it!

Is CBD Drop Shipping Legal?

While CBD dropshipping is legal in USA and Europe, it is not freely permissible in Canada and Australia.

  • In the USA, the cannabis plant is categorized into two distinct types: hemp plant extracts with less than 0.3 percent THC, while marijuana plant extracts are greater than 0.3 percent in THC concentration.

Therefore, hemp-derived CBD products are permissible for CBD dropshipping in Europe and USA. Moreover, it’s allowed and legal to grow as well.  

  • However, in Canada, CBD is referred to as a controlled substance, thus it is allowed for sale in the medical industry only when it complies with the Cannabis Act and its regulations.

As per the recent reports, dropshipping is being legalized in a few states, but all necessary policies and restrictions are to abide by!

Steps For Starting A CBD Drop Shipping Business

Are you planning to start a dropshipping business? Well, it’s a preferred option as it’s the most emerging model to build an e-commerce store.

Above all, dropshipping eliminates one of the hefty responsibilities of warehousing and shipping challenges, thus easier for anyone to begin with.  

While there are many ways to start a dropshipping business, here's a well-curated guide to help you become successful!

  • Register your business

It may not sound as important when you are processing an e-commerce business for regular products such as shoes, accessories, etc.

However, CBD is controversial, thus you must follow the guideline to secure yourself. By registering your business entity, you would make sure that your business activities comply with the laws and regulations.

The registrations process must entail the following steps:

  • Register your business by following the state's requirements in which you are operating.
  • Obtaining permits and licenses for a retail and resale certificate.
  • Applying and registering your business for tax ID number etc.

The preceding requirement may vary from state to state, thus it must be among your top concerns to do some research before moving on to the next step.

  • Choose a reliable CBD Dropshipping Supplier

The next step is to decide upon what you are going to sell. This decision will help you navigate through the process of website building, advertising and store marketing, etc.

Let me tell you, the fewer the middlemen between you and the supplier the more reliable the partnership would be.

Once you partner with a reliable supplier, the next step is to place a trial order and test the product, to ensure the quality you aim to provide to your customers.

Second, one must double-check the laws of the state he’s wishing to operate in. such that CBD flower dropshipping is legal in the USA and Europe while it may get you in trouble for other states.

Due to the ever-increasing demand for CBD among the community, there seem to be unlimited options of suppliers while only some are reliable.

Your patience and "no shortcut" approach are the key to helping you build a quality store and the trust of customers.

  • Set up a Payment Processor

When the customer places an order at your e-store, the last thing you wish to worry about is if the payment processor is doing its job right!

CBD is a controversial domain, which means there are challenges attached to the payment gateways of its purchase.

To help you, PayPal, the famous payment gateway, is not CBD-friendly at all! However, Square has revised its policy and now serves as a solution for CBD payments.

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  • Build Your Online Store

When it comes to the online store, CBD dropshipping on Shopify is the automatic response of the entrepreneurs.

As mentioned above, CBD is controversial, thus many prominent stores such as Amazon and eBay, etc. currently don't allow CBD sales.

In such a case, building your own store is the best available option. By ensuring a platform that does offer a solution for CBD retailers, you can proceed with the sales.

To your surprise, Shopify is the top platform for CBD dropshipping, which offers all the solutions including payment gateways and product-specific shipping services as well.

Looking for profit analysis? Keep reading ahead to know about it!

Is CBD Dropshipping Profitable?

The answer to CBD dropshipping profitability is a definite yes! Here are three reasons for you to know why this is the right business to step in!

  • The fast-growing CBD industry

As mentioned above the dropshipping model is becoming popular with each passing year. Additionally, it is easier to gain profit potential for two reasons.

One is that it's easily affordable to extract CBD from the hemp plant as it is less costly than cannabis.

Secondly, the hemp plant contains more CBD and less Cannabis which is why it is more affordable and its profit margin is higher.

There are leading experts in the industry who analyze the sale of CBD products in the US. As per the prediction, the sale of CBD is expected to reach $20 billion by 2024, which is clearly huge! 

  • CBD is effective so people may repurchase

A product is repurchased for many reasons, which may vary from person to person. However, with respect to CBD, its the effectiveness.

Your customer may consistently repurchase an item for the benefits it has offered, which can effectively contribute to your business profit.

Moreover, CBD efficacy isn’t limited to humans alone, pets and even mental health ailments find relief through CBD. Its powerful capability to heal can bring a lot of profit to your business.

  • Cost-effective

There is no doubt about the fact that dropshipping is cost-effective!

When you can almost reduce the fee from junks to zero by having no need for warehouses and production hassle, the profitability becomes evident.

If you partner up with an already established supplier, you can work on the existing business arrangement without having to set it up from scratch.

Find Suppliers for CBD dropshipping!

We’ve curated a list of the best CBD dropshippers suppliers in the USA. Here's everything you need to know about them! 

  • Absolute Nature CBD

They have special hemp and CBD dropshipping program. Their drop shipping program is functional in the USA however, their market is spread across the USA as well.

Absolute nature offers services that are compatible with Shopify and other e-commerce software. All of their products are lab tested which adds to the marketing of your online store.

The company has years of experience in dropshipping and works on no minimum requirement for your dropshipping business.

  • Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's web is specialized in CBD oil, topical, and gummies. They own a big name when you look around for CBD dropshippers in the USA. 

If you are low on investment, you must know that they offer low start-up costs. Moreover, they have their complete guideline uploaded on the website, so you can learn about rules to operate with them as a dropshipping partner.

  • Joy Organics

Joy organics is a well-advertised name that is already dealing with a lot of renowned companies as dropshipper.

Since they are renowned, it speaks of their chances to have a good marketplace. Moreover, all of their products are lab tested which means that quality products would be sent to the customers.

  • Spocket

Spocket is a platform operating in the USA and Europe. They are currently dealing in CBD butter, oil, polish, balm, etc. What makes them good to partner with is the high-profit margin they offer.

Their dropshipping program is in compatibility with Shopify. In essence, if you are looking for a good quality supplier, spocket could be the one for you!

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Rules and Laws

While dropshipping is legal there are certain obligations that you need to abide by. Read ahead to know about them!

  • The business license remains an important part of the rules for drop shipping. Whether or not it's legal, applying for a business license is important before you proceed with your dropshipping business.

  • Product copyright and intellectual property right are other important things you need to know before operating your business in a state like the US.
  • It is important to follow states guideline for product copyrights otherwise your products may be blocked by the destination states. 
  • Lastly, In the US where customers can easily file lawsuits against you, it is important to legalize your business by having documents aligned. Becoming less liable is another essential rule to abide by if you are operating an e-commerce store.


Now that you have sufficient information about CBD dropshipping, it's time to finally make a move.

Just know that laws vary from state to state therefore being informed of the state laws can help you get succeed

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