Guide to Become A CBD Oil Distributor In Texas

In today's world, the Cannabis market is going very high. More stores selling CBD products are operating in the states across the US selling topicals, tinctures, oils, and liquids containing CBD. Even cafes and spas are also offering and advertising CBD. This spike is seen after the Texas law to legalize the hemp plant from which cannabis is derived. Anyone can sell cannabis in Texas, many products of CBD are advertised as a natural alternative to prescription medicine and they claim to treat medical conditions. But these claims are not recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration.

CBD Laws in Texas State

The department of state health Texas has eliminated Cannabis from the list of Schedule I control lists of substances in the year 2019 after the adoption of the federal government Farming bill in the year 2018 removing CBD from the control category. A house bill 1325 was signed in June 2019 that set regulations of hemp production, testing, and cultivation. This bill was adopted to match the rules of the federal government regarding CBD products.

For starting a business as a CBD oil distributor in Texas, the following information is very useful. Let's have a look.

CBD oil in Texas

Texas is the US state which has not very much acknowledged the therapeutic use of cannabis. If we talk about the current situation of cannabis then Texas just allows patients to access the low level of THC containing cannabis oil that is limited to 0.5% and there are very few dispensaries that are allowed to sell this cannabis. This is for the purely medicinal purpose but the residents of Texas can access the CBD products containing less than 0.3% of THC and there are various stores across the Texas state that are involved in the sale of CBD products. So as a distributor you must be aware of the THC content of your CBD product.

Selling of Cannabis in Texas State

With the adoption of cannabis law in Texas, the cannabis growers, and even the distribution of products like CBD oil is now allowed. CBD oil distributors in Texas can sell products but with limitations like those products with a low THC level of 0.3%. So now the distribution and sale of cannabis are free without the fear of penalties within the Texas state. This freedom has paved many opportunities for people to start a business in the cannabis industry.

Sampling and Testing of CBD Products

The House bill 1325 has made a revolution by making CBD legal and this process will be seen by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Licenses are required and the products will be sampled, investigated, and tested to check the amount of THC in the cannabis products used for consumption. CBD oil derived from hemp contains cannabis with less THC content. By law, it is necessary for the distributors planning to sell the CBD products to get registered with the State's Health Department.

Licencing and Registration of Distributors for selling CBD products

An online process is used for the licensing of manufacturing and distribution of the hemp which is consumable and registration of stores for the selling CBD products. This procedure is under the Department of State Health Services. This online process application requires by going to the portal of business and professional Licences and their can submit the required items necessary for the application to become CBD oil distributor in Texas

Penalties of Going Against Cannabis Law

As a distributor, you must know the allowable able limit of the CBD you can distribute or sell. Any sale of marijuana between 50-200 Ibs is considered the first-degree felony and will land you in jail for 5 years minimum and maximum up to life imprisonment with a fine of $10,000. And if you attempt to sell more than 2000 Ibs then the minimum imprisonment is of 10 years or maximum lifetime imprisonment and a fine of $10,000. Similarly, there is a rule of selling CBD products to a specific age group like selling CBD to minors is punishable by law with imprisonment from 2-20 years and a fine of $10,000.

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