How Do You Package CBD Products?

Has the title made you anxious? Do you want to learn how to make proper packaging for your products? If yes, then you are on the right path as it is going to make you successful in the cannabis industry.

You are doing a good deed by providing a medication that heals people suffering all over the world. But there are certain important aspects that require your keen attention, and that is the packaging. This can make your brand successful or unsuccessful.

Yes, you read that right! The choice of your CBD products' packaging can have a significant impact on your marketing methods. Not only this, but it can also help in increasing your product's life, how you are going to use it, or how appealing it is to your target buyers.

So, looking for the best way to package your products can help you save time, effort, and money. It is going to save you from lawsuits that you could face by not following the FDA regulations. However, you still need to check in with your specific state packaging requirements to ensure that they are in compliance. But in this blog, we are going to cover some basic packaging requirements for your CBD products that can help you achieve marketing success.

Some Essential Facts About CBD Packaging

When you are selecting your CBD packaging, you need to keep in mind these vital factors. Your packaging needs to be:

  • Odor-resistant

  • Tamper proof

  • Leak proof

  • Robust cardboard packaging

  • Prevent odor

  • Comply with your state regulations

In other words, plastic containers or vacuum-sealed bags are known to be the most odor-resistant. Don’t try to use zipper bags as they are not odour resistant. For sensitive products, use leak and tamper-proof bags and put them inside robust cardboard packaging. Last but not least, it needs to comply with all the state packaging regulations.

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A Few Examples of The Best Packaging For Your Products

Do you know that you have the freedom to design your packaging as per your preference? So, for this purpose, we are going to discuss a few examples of how to design your package effectively.

Tincture Product Packaging

CBD tinctures are mostly found on the shelves packed in dark-colored or opaque glass bottles. It reflects the UV rays and averts the spoiling of the product. But how are you going to make the packaging effective? You can make the bottle with a dropper lid or a metered pump lid to deliver small doses of the specific product. Furthermore, the most common size is 30mL, but there is no restriction on the packaging size as you can make it in terms of dosage or serving sizes.

Tablets Product Packaging

There are two ways you can pack this product, i.e., in zipper seal bags or classic-style medicine bottles. However, the latter one is considered more appealing as it comes with a childproof cap, which makes it child-resistant and keeps the CBD tablets fresh.

Topicals Product Packaging

CBD topicals are produced in several shapes and sizes, so there is no uniformity in terms of their packaging. They can be packed in tubes, pump-top bottles, twist-up tubes, or any other similar packaging that contains the liquids safely. However, the main factor in this aspect is to make sturdy packaging that holds the liquids, prevents leakage, and keeps the product fresh for longer.

CBD Edibles Packaging

When you are manufacturing edibles, then finding the perfect packaging is challenging as it is available in diverse forms. You can pack your product in any form of packaging, and that too, in bulk quantities. You can pack the product in zipper-sealed packaging, large plastic medicine bottles, or bottles with childproof caps, or you can use your creativity to design your packaging.

Do Your Research Thoroughly And Speak With Experts for Guidance

In the end, all we can say is that it depends on you and your preferences on how you want to pack your CBD products. But the packaging should be able to keep products fresh, be child-resistant, properly labeled, and follow all FDA regulations.

But you are probably wondering how you are going to meet stringent packaging requirements as they keep on evolving. Here’s the catch: CBD Boxes is here to provide all types of professional assistance and expertise you require. Their experts can design your packaging in a way that meets your product and packaging requirements. Also, everything will be done at an affordable price and at no additional cost.

For further assistance or to get answers to your mind-boggling queries, we are here to help!

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