How to Become a CBD Seller: Your Completed Guide to CBD Distribution

If you are planning to step into the CBD industry, why not consider being a wholesale distributor? The hemp and cannabis sector is growing with each passing day. Especially the CBD sector is making progress by leaps and bounds.

CBD businesses have infinite opportunities and spurred a lot of people into launching their CBD businesses.

With an eye on the potential profit it can yield, the industry has some serious challenges as well.

Irrespective of how many people are stepping into this domain, you can still make your stand out. Read ahead to know-how!

In this article, you would get to know about the CBD wholesale business, Top CBD suppliers, and a Checklist of all the essentials required for a successful CBD business.

CBD Wholesale Business:

While CBD growers and sellers focus on making the product for the customer, wholesalers act as the middlemen.

While acting as the middleman among the manufacturers and retailers, you can buy CBD products in bulk directly from the manufacturers.

You can purchase products at a lower price (almost up to 50%) and then by keeping the profit, you can sell them to the retail customers.

Is it profitable? The answer is a definite yes as being a middleman you can decide among the variety of products you wish to sell.

Moreover, CBD distributors in the USA are free of the stress associated with the time and costs required to prepare the product.

Many individuals are shifting towards CBD for their pain relief, sleep and stress management. As per the expert analysts, CBD markets are expected to experience a surge in 2024, specifically advantageous for brick and motor shops, online stores, and pharmaceutical CBD businesses.

Want to know what type is most profitable? As with types of products, there are three basic types of CBD wholesale business which are as follows:

  • Head Shops

With respect to CBD, head shops are rooted in this business. As a wholesaler, these shops must be contacted. These retail outlets specially deal with pot paraphernalia, which is appropriate for social consumption.

While these types of shops are worth contacting and hold a vast customer base, head shops are mostly known as cannabis stores thus CBD consumers might stay away from them. 

  • Brick and Mortar Shops:

These shops cater to a specific retail market. Vape shops, nutrition shops, and smoking shops are some of the examples to name.

A core advantage to getting linked with such stores is that they are spread around in cities and thus are easier to reach out to. Moreover, with their local vibe and good quality of products, they seem to have a loyal customer base.

However, these shops never compromise on quality so would need to choose the highest quality product for your business.

  • Online Shops:

These shops deal with digital retail which is also growing to have a large customer base. The number of online customers is expected to reach two billion by 2023.

While online retail shops demand less infra-structure as compared to the other two, however, such stores are difficult to reach out to CBD wholesale distributors.

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CBD Wholesaling Checklist:

Just like any other business, CBD business comes with its own peculiar set of challenges as well.

While you may be ready to hit a launch, there are certain things you must know to avoid errors. Here is what you need to know!

  • Make a Plan for Business

Any small business requires a well-drafted plan before formally launching the business. However, when it comes to a "high-risk" business of CBD, the need for an action plan upfront becomes even more inevitable.

Thus, the plan must be focusing on the following themes:

1. Financing is the core issue for people who wish to start their own CBD retail business.
Even though starting an online setup would cost less but you would still require some infrastructure to get and channel the right products to the customers.

While the exact figure would depend upon your choice of location and preference of physical or online store, you must have a drafted plan to be going with running your CBD business.

2. Finding a customer base is another pre-hand preparation that needs to be in place before launching your CBD wholesaling in the USA.

Since CBD covers a lot of ground, wellness, and management-wise, so you would need to have social media presence and a website, where people can reach out and go through the product line you are offering.

3. Figure out how long it would take to make a profit, considering your financial picture.

That means CBD distributors in (state) can give you the idea about financial forecasting, cash inflows, and outflows in the domain, to determine how long would it take for your business to get on a stable track.

  • Pick a Name for Business

While it may sound cliché but picking a good name for your business sends a positive message to the customer.

A name can transfer the symbolic message that you're an expert in the field and have everything they need to get.

Need help with this? Well, you can check your name on several name sites on the internet to make sure the name is clear and isn't already in use by any other business. 

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  • Choose a Business Bank Account

I know what you might be thinking. But let me tell you, for whatever reason, merging your personal and business account is never a good idea.

While finding a CBD-friendly bank may be difficult, with increasing acceptability for CBD, banks have now started to offer business cards along with access to loans, in case you'll need them at any event.

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  • Pick a Setup

Depending on your personal preference, you should decide between opening a brick or mortar shop in your city or rolling out an online retail store.

Each side comes with its pros and cons. Keeping a brick and mortar shop keeps adding to the rental cost which supersedes the cost of the product itself.  Such as, the rental cost exceeds CBD oil wholesale cost in many states.

On the other end, online stores bring a large customer base without costing much money. However, the advantage of a brick-and-mortar store is that you develop face-to-face contact with the customer, which allows you to build relationships.

Of course, you can choose any by checking the reviews from owners who've done both and see what may work best for you! 

  • Don't Forget to License

While many CBD products are getting legalized, you would still require a state license for your retail business, if not for the product itself.

 However, check with the revised laws of your state and region and comply with the requirements to avoid any complications.

  • Type of Products to Sell

Are you planning to go diverse with the product range? Thus apart from CBD oil, you can go for tinctures, gummies, and vaping accessories as they are expected to provide greater revenues and a wide client base.

  • Choose a Credible Supplier

While there are thousands of people running their wholesale business with multiple suppliers, your goal must be to find the one who meets your demands.

These demands must include a licensed supplier who delivers quality products and oblige to the delivery deadlines as well.

Moreover, you should look if the products are lab tested and confirm the authenticity by looking for reviews on social media handles for the company!

Top CBD Suppliers in the USA:

You name it and we just knew what you were looking for. We've curated a list of five credible suppliers who can help you, partner, up with them for your wholesale business. Read ahead to know about them!

  • HempMeds

This company is worth consulting if you are planning to deal in CBD oil. This company produces real hemp oil, by cultivating it on a fifth-generation hemp farm in the Netherlands.

Hemp-derived from hemp seeds gets triple lab tests and thus is certified by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as well.

  • CBDistillery

Ever since its inception, the company has paired up with thousands of retailers and is known for its trustworthy performance and quality of products. All the products by them are tested by a third-party laboratory.

The packaging for CBD products is essential for marketing the product. Thus, they are known for packaging and clear labeling as well.

CBDistillery is common to partner up with independent pharmacies, wellness and convenience stores, etc.

  • Kazmira

This company name itself as the innovative leader in the CBD industry. They take pride in using the TruspeKtrum technology process for their products.

By eliminating components of THC, chlorophyll, etc., the company produces THC-free CBD products for retailers.

  • Global Cannabinoids

This company is renowned to be the top manufacturer and distributor of American-derived hemp in the USA.

Ever since its inception in 2015, it is specialized in bulk and wholesale, thus offering CBD coffee, bath bombs, hemp oil, and CBD gels to name a few. 

  • American Shaman

This company deals in the highest quality hemp oil and many other CBD products. They are currently able to ship to 50 different states.

They work by allowing people to become an affiliate, buy wholesale, or even open franchises with their name, expert team of professionals, and experts to maintain the standard quality.

A Retailer Niche

Now that you know almost everything about CBD wholesale business, the next step is to decide on the retailer niche for your business. Here is a key intro for each type!

While a head shop is a retail store that sells cannabis-related accessories such as smoking, online stores are digital retail stores with no physical outlet.

Head shops are specialized for paraphernalia, and thus are worthy to reach out to you dealing in CBD wholesale business for adult cannabis products. While online stores are preferable if you are limited on finances to afford proper infrastructure for retail.

However, the core advantage of online stores over the head shops is that figures for digital customers for CBD are expected to surge up to 2.14 billion in coming years.

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Online Retail

Online retailing enables customers to navigate through products, access information, and make a purchase remotely over the internet.

With no physical retail store, sellers but everything on the website for customers to see and make a purchase.

Since online retail progressed through the website, thus it needs to be well navigated thus to grab consumer interest in it rather than a physical retail store.

Hemp house wellness and CBD products are two online retail stores for CBD which provide you with an impeccable experience of online retail. Want to know the essential features of a website?

Well, a CBD wholesale website must be clear, and easy to navigate. The main page, product page, and images must capture consumer attention.

Moreover, the website must be such that it responds and work perfectly on all devices.


While keeping an eye on the progress of the CBD industry, now is the time to put your diligence and creativity into work and establish your own CBD wholesale business that will last!

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