How to Choose The Best Private Label CBD Products In California

CBD (Cannabidiol) is the most prevalent and demanding element all across the globe. CBD is produced by extracting cannabidiol from the buds of the hemp and marijuana plant.

While many people assume the extracts to be the same, hemp and marijuana are two distinct breeds of the same plant, thereby their extracts differ as well.

Even though, they both contain CBD but hemp only contains CBD whereas, marijuana contains CBD and many other chemicals, which are responsible for causing "high".

Thus, for a brand to take off there are two available options i.e. either white or private labeling. Since this article is related to private label products, let's get into understanding what this module is all about!

What is Private Labeling?

The process of reselling and rebranding a product made by the original company is known as private labeling. When a manufacturer design and produce a custom product for a retailer to sell under one brand name, it is known as private labeling of CBD products.

Since the idea, design and formulation will be proprietary information, thus there are minimal challenges of identical products in the market.

You’re Guide to How It Works?

The work of private labeling is simple! A private label CBD business works when the manufacturer produces and then resales the products to the retailer, to be sold under a unique brand name.

The next step is to find the best manufacturer as consumers are looking for the best private label CBD companies around!

Thereby, the retailer mostly undergoes trials with sample products to determine if they can associate certain quality or products with their brand name or repute.

This can be an ideal way to establish a business for retailers who already have a sufficient audience and access to consumers.

Things You Need To Know About Private Label CBD Products in California

A question that concerns us all is, can we get private label CBD in California? Let alone in California, CBD is causing a big revolution for its health and wellness, all across the globe.

People are becoming more and more aware of the benefits associated with the magic element. Since it not only helps in relieving pain and health problems, and overall wellness excites all.

California is among the top states, where the miracle element is most raved about. While the information on the state of California links it only with relaxation and healthy living, it's of no surprise that it was the first state in the US to legalize the use of CBD.

I know what you might be thinking! Thus, it is important to mention that legal regulations in California have changed a lot. Marijuana and its associated products are legal in the state for both medical and recreational purposes.

Thus, if you are 21 years or older, a resident or visitor in the state of California, it's legal for you to purchase from the best private label CBD companies in California.

Pros and Cons of Private Label Products in California

Now that you are familiar with the base idea of private labeling, let’s get into knowing the pros and cons of private label products in California. This guideline will help you determine if, this line is the right choice for you!

The Good Part First: Pros

  • Cost-efficient
  • The products are innovated and modified more frequently
  • Products make their way to the shelf after tedious processes and additional testing
  • Private label companies are mostly owned by people with years of experience in this niche
  • Great value for clients and customers in private label companies
  • Products targeted for specific sub-audience

The Unsolicited Part: Cons

  • Any weakness in the product gets quickly associated with the entire brand, thus reviews might offer brand image rather than the product review itself.
  • Private label products get tough competition from other brands
  • Sufficient support and communication are required to truly understand the product and its elements
  • Private label products usually cost higher than unbranded products available in the market.

CBD Private Label Products Are Great For California!

Since California is a health and wellness hub, thus CBD products remain forever in demand! However, products with great potential in both private label sale and purchase are as follows:

  • CBD cosmetics
  • CBD flowers
  • CBD smoking products
  • CBD medicines
  • CBD skincare
  • CBD oil and tinctures
  • CBD topical
  • CBD gummies

7-Step Guide to Selecting the Best CBD Private Label Products In California

With the growing popularity of CBD, users have a lot of options to choose from. However, this doesn’t mean that you shop from any shop you come across.

Thus here's a guide that will allow you to choose the right store/ brand for the best private label CBD products in California.

Understand what you need

Not knowing your "why" behind any purchase can simply be a mistake. Thus, it's safe to understand that people buy specific CBD products for specific needs.

Depending on your unique need or outcome that you are wishing for, the brand with similar expertise will be right for you such as a brand offering private label CBD products with a low minimum amount of THC content, etc.

While almost every CBD store claims to provide relief, you will be more successful in finding the right product, if you are well aware of the specifics of your condition and what you require from the product use.

Look for brand identity and reputation

Understanding both elements of any brand will help you determine if you have found the right store for CBD products.

It is so because experienced brands are well aware of their goals, laws, regulations, quality dynamics, and customer service, thus you can be assured of both the quality and efficacy of their CBD products.

Research the quality of their products

There is no denying the fact that quality concerns us all. Thus, before choosing any brand to shop from, research answers to the questions such as if the products are tested for hard chemicals? If the products undergo additional testing? Where do they source the material from? Is their production house using a compliant process?

Researching all these questions will be a good indicator and determinant if you are at the right place for the best private label CBD products in California.

Draw a comparison with other available brands

As mentioned in the beginning, shopping from the first store you come across can never be a smart decision.

If you are interested in CBD oil, one must compare the features with other private label companies offering CBD oil.

 A healthy comparison can always be of great help in choosing the best product for your needs.

Look for their manufacturing process

It is as important to evaluate the manufacturing process as it is to research the ingredients. This section of your research must include answers to the questions if the company uses sustainable procedures, are they even licensed to manufacture? Or, is their process evaluated by the FDA or not.

This can prevent you from falling prey to any of the claims, private label companies promise to provide at the expense of costing your health.

Look for lab results

Providing open access to lab results is proof that brands have undergone righteous testing of their products.

Websites linking to the lab results or QR codes on the products are the hints where you can check the lab results.

The results for lab results can not only stand for the brand’s loyalty and authenticity but also stands for the ingredient transparency between the consumer and retailer. Thus, the results are proof that you are at the right CBD store for private label products in California.

Check the payment structure

Payment is the last thing you should be worrying about! While some private label companies charge junk money, many are reasonable to purchase from.

Since CBD users frequently revert to repurchases, this analysis of the payment structure and prices need to be evaluated for saving both time and energy.

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Top Companies to Buy Private Label CBD in California!

Based on our research, here's a curated list of brands to help you direct where you can shop the best private label CBD products in California. Have a look at the following! 

Emerald corp

This brand is both a provider and manufacturer of private label CBD products in California. The brand specialized in the niche of health and wellness, thus dealing in gummies, balms, lotion, etc.

What makes them a reliable store for purchase is that their manufacturing process complies with regulations? The brand is certified with GMP and does additional testing of their products as well.

Smilyn Wellness

This is a premium brand offering private label CBD in California. With years of experience in this niche, the brand is now trusted by many people. All of their products are grown and sourced from within the US.

The brand deals in both edibles and topical. Their product range includes pet care items, gummies, face masks, soft gels, tinctures, etc.

KB Pure Essentials

This company offers CBD products in beauty and wellness. Their product range includes lotions, creams, hand sanitizer, deodorants, salves, etc.

Moreover, wellness products for pets are also available. Since all of their products are THC free thus the chances of risks drop down to minimal.

They offer both the manufacturing and retail of private label CBD products. However their private label CBD products low minimum quantity is unclear.


The brand started its retail in 2016 and thus is reliable in the niche of personal and healthcare. Their product range includes cookies, coffee, lotion, juice, supplement, and many more!

This brand is also certified for its performance, compliance, and quality of the products, thus can be chosen for the best CBD private label products in California.

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The CBD industry is growing exponentially yet sadly it is becoming difficult to distinguish reliable retailers.

Now that you have substantial information about how to look for the best private-label CBD products, follow the tips and enjoy the therapeutic advantages CBD has to offer.

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