How to Get a License to Sell CBD in Canada

The Cannabis Act and CBD regulations provide a framework for accessing cannabis legally in a controlled manner for adults. Not only this, but it is also helpful for regulating the manufacturing, production, distribution, and sale of cannabis in Canada. This framework bound the person to obtain a license from Health Canada for various activities related to cannabis.

Cannabis and cannabis containing products are subjected to the Cannabis Act for rules and regulations. A license is required for the manufacturing of CBD. The license to sell CBD in Canada is mandatory for both sources that are marijuana and industrial hemp.

In this article, we will talk about various licensing requirements and how to get those licenses for CBD in Canada.

Canadian CBD Laws

Cannabis involving activities are illegal in Canada unless authorized. Before the cannabis act, the controlled drug and substance act was used to regulate the CBD and its products in Canada. In Canada, it is illegal to do ancillary activities regarding cannabis without proper authorization, and such authorization should relate to any scientific research or any medical purposes. Compliances of the cannabis act are primal for production, procession, distribution, and sale of cannabis.

Health Canada is responsible for regulating and authorization of cannabis products, its distribution, and sale. Different Canadian areas and provinces are evaluated for their activities relating to cannabis. There is a specific set of rules regarding selling cannabis that includes their manufacturing method, location, and operation of cannabis selling stores.

CBD License Requirements

For the categories of licenses, the information required in the application is in the document cannabis licensing application guide which serves as a guide for the individual and business entity who wish to sell CBD in Canada.

The licensing of requirement from Health Canada is mandatory for the following CBD activities,

•           License for small, large scale business owner to grow cannabis for sale

•           License for Producing CBD products in Canada

•           License to sell CBD in Canada for medical purpose

•           License for doing research and testing with the CBD

Licenses Categories

Health Canada provides industrial hemp license in the following category,

•           Cultivation of cannabis

•           Processing of cannabis

•           Sale for medicinal purpose

•           Testing and research

Application Process

General Requirements:

You must prepare the necessary documentation when applying for an industrial hemp license before the start of the application. Health Canada has formed Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System through which applications can be submitted. You can apply for a license as

  • Individual

  • Corporation

  • Partnership

  • Cooperative

Activity Dependant Licence Requirement

The proposed activities for industrial hemp for getting a license are


This section involves information like

  • Purpose of cultivation like breeding, seeding, Flowering heads, grains, fibers

Cultivation Site

  • Applicant information about the cultivation site owned, for this you have to submit the declaration of Land owned to show the proof of land ownership.

  • If the applicant does not own the land then in that case declaration of landowner consent is required for showing the proof of consent from the owner for the cultivation.

Activities Other Than Cultivation

If the applicant is applying for a license for the activities other than the cultivation of industrial hemp then the information in the application required are,

  • Site address where activities will be conducted

  • Activities like

    • Selling

    • Importing

    • Exporting

    • Cleaning

    • Preparing

    • Product production

  • Part of the plant used for activities like a seed, grain, flowering head, leaves, or branches

Application Submission

Cannabis tracking and licensing system are developed for the applicants for online submission of their application for cannabis and hemp licenses. The tracking system provides guidelines regarding the online submission of application, requirements, and how to open the account. Once the application is submitted online then it is not possible to make changes in the application and if the change is required then you must provide the necessary information and contact on the email provided.

After Submission

After submission application is processed in three steps

  • Application Screening

  • Application Review
  • Licenses issuance or rejection

CBD in Canada is regulated by the Cannabis Act which provides a legal framework for all the activities related to cannabis. Under this regulation, you need to have authorization in the form of a license. Once you got your license then it is your responsibility to work in compliance with the CBD laws of Canada including federal laws and provincial laws.

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