How to Setup Successful Wholesale CBD Business? - An Ultimate Guide

With each passing day, the CBD business is increasing. The demand for CBD products is bringing more retailers and manufacturers into the industry. I know what you might be wondering. Those who wish to become part of this largest growing industry often face the dilemma regarding where to start.

Undoubtedly, CBD wholesale is among the top ways to make your way in the industry. This article will be your walkthrough of how to establish a successful CBD business and key points for the successful growth of the business as well. Let’s read more about it!

Discover Why to Choose Wholesale CBD?

Buying CBD is no longer an issue in 2022, as CBD is everywhere! However, when it comes to starting a business, you should find other ways to begin rather than a retail business. While some retailers use their grown hemp to make their CBD products, others head over to wholesalers to purchase hemp and create their CBD products.

The option to wholesale CBD is appealing to most people as it cut short the process of handling and manufacturing. You can simply sell the bulk product to the retailers who then infuse it with their unique ingredients and sell it to the customers.

As a CBD wholesaler, you become a middleman between the manufacturer and the retailer. Thus, it gives you an edge to purchase in bulk from the manufacturer, keep your profit and sell in bulk to the retailers.

Now the question arises, is it profitable? Yes, since as a mediator you can choose from a variety of products to sell.

Moreover, the process exempts you from the stress and responsibility of preparing the product. Nowadays many people are shifting towards a CBD-friendly life which is why wholesalers are quite in demand to meet the product requirements.

Thus, keep reading ahead to know where to get started!

What Are The Prerequisites For Starting a Wholesale Business?

Although many people who decide to step into the industry know everything about cannabis and the fundamentals of running a business. However, it remains an important task to stay aware of the shifting regulations before you begin.

• Find Out if CBD Merchandise is Legal

The multimillion industry of CBD is becoming more competitive with each passing day. That being said, many men and women plan to enter the field.

In order to do so, you must find out if CBD merchandise is legal in your locality. After the Farm bill of 2018, CBD is now legal in the US, yet certain regulation varies with the state. 

In essence, buying and selling CBD with less than 0.3% THC content is legal. Increasing the content makes it among one the forms of marijuana which induce high in people.

• Lab-tested CBD Products

Before you purchase from the manufacturer, make sure to verify that you are buying real CBD instead of imported cheap quality. 

Since the industry is full of risks, thus make sure to ask for third-party lab reports which serve as an assurance of a reputable company and quality products. 

• Explore the Right Niche of Items

Another important thing to do before beginning is to decide on the product range. Are you planning to go diverse with it or do want to keep it to one niche alone? 

Whatever may be your plan, let me tell you that CBD oil, gummies, tinctures, and vape equipment are believed to provide great revenues in a wholesale business. 

Guide to Setup CBD Wholesale Business

Setting up a CBD business requires expert guidelines to avoid errors. Unlike any other business, CBD involves a particular set of challenges along. Thus, here’s a detailed guideline to help you establish a successful CBD wholesale business. 

1. Decide on the Type of Wholesale Business

When it comes to wholesale CBD business, you can work by partnering with either of the three types of retail choices available. Although all are common among wholesalers, they have their unique pros, thus here's an overview for you to decide. 

• Headshops

The CBD industry is dominated by head shops. As a wholesaler, it's worth it to work with these shops as they hold a vast consumer base. Since these retail shops mostly deal in pot paraphernalia and are known as cannabis stores, thus CBD customers keep their distance from such retail stores.

• Brick-and-Mortar Shops

Retail stores of this type cater to a specific market. Such as vape, nutrition, and smoking shops are some examples of brick-and-mortar shops. An edge of these retail stores is that they are more spread around the city. Moreover, they hold a larger consumer base and are easier to reach out to.

The local vibe and good quality of their products make them have a loyal consumer base as well. In case you are planning to work with such retail stores, make sure to have a good quality wholesale CBD with you.

• Online Shops

As the name suggests, these are the online stores with the largest consumer base than any other retail store. While these stores sound easier and more profitable to partner with credible online stores are difficult to reach out to.

Moreover, online shops are worth it to work with as they demand less infrastructure as compared to the other two types of retail stores

2. Formulate a Business Plan

Just like any other business, CBD also requires a well-crafted plan to formally begin with. But wait! When it comes to high-risk business as CBD, the need to have planning becomes more inevitable. Thus, your business plan must entail the following:

• Consumer Base

As CBD covers a lot of grounds and targets a wide range of audiences, it's crucial to decide your consumer base. Based on their interests, and demographic characteristics, your business would lead in the right direction.

Thus, build a social media presence and analyze through public interaction regarding their interests and needs so they can connect well with your product range.

• Financing and Profit

Another domain that interests business owners is financial funding. Even though you are starting a small-scale business, even then you require investment and infrastructure to begin with.

Thus, you must have a well-devised plan regarding sources of funding and how much profit you wish to attain from it, in order to keep your business running. 

3. Pick a Name For Your Business

Soft launching of your business is more important than formally launching a warehouse. Picking up a name seems to be the last step but it's important to get in touch with the target audience.

A good name can help in reflecting a symbolic message that you are an expert in the field and deal in top-quality products. You can search the internet or get in touch with our team for both packaging and name solutions.

4. Find a Suitable Banking Solution

Many people assume that merging your account with the business account is the ultimate banking solution for your CBD business. However, let me tell you that only a separate account can help you keep an eye on profit. Although finding a CBD-friendly bank is a challenge in itself the tide is now shifting.

After the farm bill, many banks have started to offer both loans and business cards to CBD businesses. Thus your job must entail finding one in your locality for greater ease.

5. Choose a Reliable Supplier

Selecting the right wholesale supplier is crucial to your business's success. A reliable supplier must have a license from FDA, must undergo third-party testing of their products, and must have a solid plan to penetrate the competitive market.

While deciding to partner with a supplier make sure to try some of their products by yourself. Once you are convinced the last step must be to visit the manufacturing unit. This can give you a clear insight into the cultivation and manufacturing process and whether or not the process is in terms of guidelines provided by the FDA.

6. Offer Effective Delivery Service

The CBD industry is growing at such a fast rate. Amidst this competitiveness, you need to think of ways to stay ahead in the race. Having that said, as a wholesale you should never run out of stock or send the wrong merchandise to the retailer.

Moreover, quick processing and faster turnaround time can keep your customers satisfied and your name running.

Which CBD Products to Choose for Wholesale Business?

The following are some examples of products you may want to consider for your wholesale business now that you have a better understanding of the wholesale business!

• Tinctures

CBD tinctures are among the top-selling products in the market. They can be purchased in bulk and resold to retailers. Tinctures are making rounds across the market for their fast absorption and quick relief against ailments.

Moreover, they are a favorite among newcomers and thus hold great potency for facilitating the success of your business. 

• Edibles

CBD edibles include varying types of food infused with CBD. Now, this may include chocolate, honey, gummies, or any other type of food. CBD edibles are less favorite than tinctures as they take more time to absorb in the bloodstream and it takes time to see their effects.

• Soft Gels

CBD soft gels are capsule-shaped tablets with premeasured doses of CBD in them. Since soft gels are easy to consume and carry, thus are a favorite among people.

Unlike other CBD forms, their effects also take time to appear but last longer. 

• Topicals

These are products for applying to the skin, as the name suggests. Infused with CBD, the topicals include cream, lotions, butter, etc. which you can easily buy in bulk and resale among CBD retailers.

CBD Flowers

A CBD flower is the flower of the hemp plant, which is a cannabis plant with less than 0.3% THC content. As such, it is not psychoactive and can be used by anyone without causing a high.

Dry CBD flowers can be consumed in a number of ways including smoking, vaping, etc. However, it's not quite common among people but generates sufficient revenues. 

How Can We Help You?

No matter how you decide to enter the CBD industry, safe transit and the attractiveness of the product remain crucial. When everything fails to provide this, our safe and eco-friendly packaging is what you need for a unique outlook of your brand! Get in touch to know more about it.


You must have a phenomenal business plan and product ideas, but they will never make an impact if it doesn't resonate with the public. Thus keeping in the notice the above-mentioned guidelines, team up with supplier and retailer who knows ins and outs of the CBD business, so you can save both time and money in trying to reach customers.

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