Is CBD Legal for Minors in Florida

CBD is legal in Florida and patients in need of medical marijuana can have access to high THC level CBD oil. Florida State was given proper legislation and framework of CBD and CBD products with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. The lawmakers have made regulations for hemp and hemp-derived products currently the CBD product which is legal in State are those,

  • Which are derived from hemp
  • And contain THC content less than 0.3%

For medical marijuana containing higher levels of THC is available only for registered patients in Florida.

CBD Laws in Florida

In 2018, Hemp was made legal nationwide in the US bypassing the federal farm bill. In 2014 by approving SB 1030 bill in Florida legalized CBD for medicinal use with low THC content for registered patients. Amendment 2 was introduced in 2016 to this bill that further adds to the marijuana program but doesn’t allow smoke-able forms of Cannabis. Then SB 1020 bill was passed in 2019 adding new laws specifically for the state of Florida for regulating CBD oil. According to this bill

  • 2018 Farm Bill keeping with SB1020 legalized hemp.
  • The legal content was set to less than 0.3% of THC in CBD.
  • Products extracted from the hemp plant are legal to use and removed from the control substance list.

A license is required for growing or processing the hemp plant. Testing of CBD products is essential and licensed labs are required for the purpose of testing. The testing must assure that THC content should not be more than 0.3%.

Buying CBD in Florida

The state does not have any major restrictions on which business can sell CBD and CBD products like CBD oil as CBD is legal in Florida. CBD derived from hemp is available online, in stores, gas stations, health food stores, cafes, restaurants, and CBD shops. In an online platform, CBD has come with many brands. You can find various trustable brands online. When you have decided to buy CBD online, then make sure about

  • Form of  CBD
  • CBD content amount
  • Other ingredients of the product
  • Information on testing for potency
  • Information on testing for contaminants

If purchasing CBD from a shop you can ask for help from the staff and can explain to them what you are looking for and the reasons behind your CBD buying for getting the right product. A higher level of THC in CBD products is only for registered medical patients to buy.

CBD for Minors in Florida

In Florida State, there is a strict restriction on doctors as they cannot prescribe marijuana or CBD oil derived from hemp to the patients. The reason behind this is that the US has still imposed illegal status on marijuana and the FDA has not approved the use of CBD derived from hemp for medical condition use.

But in the US there is an exception that makes CBD legal for minors in Florida, is a drug Epidiolex which is pure CBD and the FDA has also approved its use in children on doctor's prescription. This drug is approved for an intractable form of epilepsy in children.

Minors and CBD

CBD legal for minors in Florida is not that relaxed.  For children to get CBD it is mandatory to have CBD recommendation from at least two doctors and one caregiver. The smoke-able form of CBD is not legal for children by law. Any raw, flower of CBD as whole infused into food is an easy way to administer cannabis to pediatrics. Loose hemp flower is used for smoking and it is prohibited in children. People are very much concerned about the developing brain and effects of cannabis in but parents use cannabis for their children as the last treatment option.

Cannabis education is lagging being in the public and CBD is presented as a health threat. Our lawmakers especially in states need to have a focus on this issue as they hold the future of our children in hand. There is a need to learn more about Cannabis in pediatric medical conditions. it is a lawmaker duty to make regulations to avoid the spread of false news in Florida.

Author - Noah Nicholls

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