Is CBD Legal in Virginia - CBD Legality Guide for VA

Hemp and marijuana are always in debate for the policymakers when the legalization of hemp is in question. CBD laws have been devised at different levels of government guiding the production, manufacturing, and use of CBD and medical marijuana products. In the United States, the federal has legalized hemp and also different states have made regulations for cannabis.

In Virginia State, the CBD laws apply to the products which are used and cultivated within Virginia. Using CBD for human consumption including food and beverages is banned along with such items sale. The reason behind this is that the FDA has not regulated and permitted to use of CBD as a food additive

Today in this article we will discuss the legal status of cannabidiol derived from hemp and marijuana and talk about CBD legality in VA.

The Legal Status of CBD in Virginia

Medical Marijuana Laws

CBD is legal in Virginia for patients who have a qualifying condition. The marijuana laws in Virginia have included provisions from the US first medical marijuana law in 1979 stating that individuals will not be guilty of possessing marijuana for a condition of glaucoma or chemotherapy side effects for which they had the doctor’s prescription. In Virginia, doctors cannot legally issue marijuana prescriptions because FDA relates prescribing to the regulated substances.

  • In 2015, Virginia allowed patients of epilepsy for the procession of CBD oil but for that, a medical certificate is required and the patient must be registered with the Board of pharmacy to get protected from prosecutions.

  • In the year 2016, the general assembly in Virginia asked the Board of pharmacy to make regulatory models for medical cannabis.

  • In 2017 a bill was passed from the Virginia General assembly for the cultivation, dispensing, and use of cannabis for patients with intractable epilepsy.

  • In 2018, the law was signed that allows doctors to decide whether a patient needs cannabis or not.

  • In 2019 legislation was passed for permitting nurses and assistants for writing medical certificates for use of cannabis.

  • The general assembly also permitted that medical marijuana can be formulated in various products, not just in CBD oil. 

Hemp Laws

Virginia is not CBD friendly state but it is working to get hemp to relax rule state. The local state governments are opening the door for the stakeholders who want to have a business in cannabis but still, they have to face a lot of limitations. With Farm Bill 2018, people are given confidence especially the buyers. Even if the local government is strict in rules then cannabis online availability for the purchase of hemp makes products available to everyone in the US. 

In 2015 SB 955 bill was passed making CBD legal in Virginia especially the cultivation of commercial industrial hemp. This bill authorizes the growers of hemp to be included in the greater education organization research system.

In 2019 Virginia passed a state version of Farm bill 2018 that legalized hemp which allows cannabis containing less than 0.3% of THC. Neither the Virginia law nor the federal law about CBD is following the regulations of FDA for CBD to be used in food, beverages, and dietary supplements. The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services are still waiting for the release of FDA guidance about the CBD used for human consumption.

What CBD Products are Legal in Virginia?

According to Virginia law, hemp products are the finished products that are derived from industrial hemp. CBD is legal in VA but only registered hemp growers and processors are allowed to deal with hemp. A smoke-able form of CBD is illegal but its extract can be incorporated into various forms of products. FDA has not permitted the addition of CBD into food products and makes it illegal as a food additive. 

Smoking Marijuana in Public

In Virginia, it is prohibited to smoke marijuana in public. Virginia is very strictly monitoring the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The use of marijuana for recreational use is prohibited in the state. And as hemp and marijuana look and smell like the same that's why enforcement agencies law has banned its use in public for the safety of people and also helps them to avoid prosecutions against CBD possession

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