Is CBD Oil Legal in Canada for Minors - Detailed Guide

Cannabis for recreational use was legalized in Canada in the year 2018 with the Cannabis Act introduced by the Federal government but still, there is an ambiguity regarding which products are legal under this act. CBD oil derived from cannabis and the cannabis plant comes from licensed growers and producers from Health Canada are used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. CBD is legal in Canada but under strict rules and regulations.

Let’s have a look at the article for viewing various laws governing CBD in Canada.

CBD Laws in Canada

The cannabis-related activities are legalized in Canada but at a condition of being authorized to be involved in CBD. CBD in Canada was regulated under the controlled drugs and substance act with proper regulations before the Cannabis Act was implemented. CBD selling, import, and export in Canada are not approved until you are authorized to do it either for researches or for medicinal uses. Currently, CBD is regulated by the Cannabis Act in Canada. According to the Cannabis Act, compliance with the rules is very essential for CBD products. This compliance is involved in production, procession, distribution, and sale.

The Laws making CBD legal in Canada is different for different provinces as the provinces are independent in formulating their laws. This is the reason it is quite tricky to track down the rules.

Regulatory Authority of Canada for Cannabis

Canadian regulatory body known as Health Canada deals with cannabis and cannabis products. Health Canada is the authority that deals with its distribution and sale. Different provinces of Canada have different regulations for evaluating the regulation for CBD and its products production, manufacturing, distribution, and sale. There is a set of rules under Canadian jurisdiction for the method used to cultivate hemp, its location, and about the selling stores of CBD products.

Cannabis and Children

Cannabis popularity is increasing day by day for treating various ailments and in this regard, special attention is given to pediatric patients. Cannabis has shown effective remedy against seizures, ADHD, Autism, ADD, and cancer of childhood in children. These medical conditions are treated under the strict supervision of medical practitioners. Childers should be treated with full care and their treatment protocols must be different from adults

Is the Use of Medical Marijuana Safe for Children in Canada

CBD oil is legal in Canada and medical marijuana is used for various medical conditions.  The researchers at SickKids hospital in Toronto tested the safe dosage limits of CBD oil and THC for kids suffering from epilepsy. This can occur in infants to kids as young as 6 months of age. This condition in 20% of patients is fatal and they won't get a chance to live. This suffering is not just for pediatrics but also for parents as well. This is the reason the first research on the use of cannabis in children was so important. In this research cannabis, a safe dosage was established to improve the quality of life and reduce the number of seizures in patients. Even cannabis helps some children with seizure-free days. CBD oil is organic and has fewer side effects than other pharmaceutical medicines available.

Is it Legal to Give Your Child CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol produces its effect by attaching to the receptor site in the brain. The human body itself produces cannabidiol. The CBD helps the human body to produce more of in body cannabidiol and as a result, CBD therapeutic effect is produced. Researchers suggest that cannabis is very helpful in reducing chronic pain. There is a medicine called Sativex which combine the use of THC and CBD for treating the pain associated with the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis. There is also a study that shows that CBD aids in people with opioid use disorder. Not only has this CBD also decreased conditions like anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, and pain.

After extensive research for finding the effectiveness and safety of CBD in treating epilepsy, the FDA approved the drug Epidiolex in the year 2018 as a treatment therapy for conditions related to seizures caused by Epilepsy. CBD is also helpful in treating schizophrenia and further researchers are on-going for treating various medical conditions with CBD including CBD oil.

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