Leak Proof Packaging for My CBD Oil

This is not a hidden fact that the CBD industry is among the fastest-growing industries in the world. This industry is expected to cross the $47 Billion mark by the end of 2028, which means that this industry will grow at a CAGR of 21.20%. These are great numbers, but they get crazier when you think that just five years ago, CBD was a substance that was considered illegal, and the possession of it could get you in serious trouble.

All this changed in 2018 when the US government passed a law legalizing CBD because of the studies conducted by the top scientists in the world. One of the biggest reasons why this industry has performed so well is because it has been able to penetrate multiple industries like the food and cosmetic industry. CBD has the potential to help people with anxiety, depression, body aches, constant headaches, joint pains, and many other problems that people are facing these days.

CBD oil benefits for skin can’t be left unnoticed, and CBD-infused cosmetic products are taking the cosmetic industry by storm. What all this means is that the industry is getting more competitive with each passing day, and the chances of a new brand getting noticed by the customers in this market are very slim. However, if you have an appealing packaging, then customers will surely notice your brand.

This is why CBD oil boxes are this crucial for CBD brands, but looks aren’t the only thing that matters. Your packaging has to be sturdy enough to protect the product from any possible damage and leakage. In this blog, we will tell you why leak-proof packaging is crucial and how you can achieve it. If that sounds interesting, then let’s hop into it.

Why Does Leak-Proof Packaging Matter?

CBD oil is a product that can get spoiled by various external factors, including exposure to air and light. Even the slightest leaks or cracks can mess up the potency of your product, and customers don’t want to waste their money on a product that can go bad in a matter of days. Given below are some reasons why leak-proof packaging matters for your CBD products.

  • Preservation of Potency

CBD oil indeed has uncountable therapeutic benefits, but for the CBD product to show its full potential, the product has to be potent enough. Exposure to air and light can lead to the breakage of active compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes, and all this can lead to a decrease in the potency of CBD products.

  • Preventing Contamination

A leakage in your CBD packaging can allow external factors like dust, dirt, and bacteria to enter the product. All these things can contaminate CBD products, and those products won’t be safe to use.

  • Regulatory Compliance

Even though CBD is legalized in the US and many other countries, some regions and states have strict rules regarding CBD packaging, and you have to comply with them for your brand to stay out of the target of legal authorities. Ensuring leak-proof packaging won’t only protect the product quality but will also protect your brand repo.

Choosing the Right Packaging Materials

Now that you are aware of the importance of leak-proof packaging, let us tell you how you can achieve it. The first and most important thing that you need to focus on while making leak-proof CBD packaging for your brand is the packaging material. Given below are some of the best options you have available when it comes to packaging materials.

  • Glass Bottles

This is the packaging solution that is used the most when it comes to CBD oil, and this is also one of the best options you have available. Instead of buying simple glass bottles, you should prefer amber or cobalt blue glass bottles because these bottles do a better job of protecting the CBD oil from harmful UV rays. Glass also won’t react with your CBD oil, ensuring the quality of the product doesn’t change.

  • Plastic Bottles

Most brands don’t even consider this option when it comes to manufacturing leak-proof packaging. The reason for that is they think that these bottles are more prone to damage. However, this worry won’t exist if you select bottles made of high-quality plastic like HDPE or PET.

  • Seals and Tamper-Evident Features

Use seals and tamper-evident seals to add an extra layer of protection to the product. This will also assure the customers that the product hasn’t been tampered with.

  • Outer Packaging

Depending on your distribution channels, you may need additional outer packaging, such as boxes to further protect the CBD oil bottles.

Quality Control and Testing

When it comes to CBD products, you can’t rely on words, and you have to conduct the tests yourself. The manufacturer you choose might be the best in the business and properly seal the product, but you should compromise on testing the quality of the packaging. Given below are some steps to consider before you take your product to the market.

  • Leak Testing

Don’t ever miss the testing part when it comes to such complex products as CBD oil. Conduct a leakage test on one of your CBD oil packaging. You can simply do it by submerging the packaging bottle to detect any leakage, or you can do a specialized test to detect any leaks. Do whatever your budget allows you to, but don’t ignore it.

  • Drop Testing

We all know how shipping companies handle the packages. Some companies don’t even care when you put a fragile sticker on the flyer or your shipping boxes. This is why you need to ensure beforehand that your CBD oil bottles can take the fall. Dropping the CBD oil bottle from a height will tell you if there are any weaknesses in your packaging.

  • Environmental Testing

Don’t forget this part because this test is as integral as the first two tests. Expose your product packaging to temperature fluctuations and humidity to ensure that it can withstand various conditions during storage and transportation.

This was your guide on how you can achieve leak-proof CBD packaging and why it matters for CBD brands. After reading all this, you might be wondering, where can I get these packaging solutions? Well, the simplest way is to go to your browser and search CBD oil boxes near me or CBD boxes in Texas if you are an American resident.

Author - Noah Nicholls

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