Do you Need a License to Sell CBD Products in Canada

For many years people were unaware of the therapeutic use of cannabis. CBD wasn’t considered well in the past because of its psychotic effects which are mainly because of content THC. But with time more researches were conducted and CBD was found to be of great therapeutic benefit and gaining popularity worldwide.

CBD Products and the Canadian Law

CBD is legal in Canada as per ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation) for registered medical patients. In Canada, only licensed producers of marijuana are allowed to sell CBD products. Another source of obtaining Cannabis is industrial hemp. Industrial hemp contains less to almost no THC. Hemp-derived cannabis also falls under ACMPR. CBD obtained from whichever source either marijuana or industrial hemp is currently under prescription only cases.

License to Sell CBD Product in Canada

Cannabis and cannabis containing products are subjected to the Cannabis Act for rules and regulations. A processing license is required for manufacturing and to sell of CBD products in Canada for both sources of marijuana and industrial hemp. 

The Cannabis Act and CBD regulations provide a framework for accessing cannabis legally in a controlled manner for adults. Not only this it is also helpful for regulating the manufacturing, production, distribution, and sale of cannabis in Canada. This framework bound the person to obtain a license from Health Canada for various activities related to cannabis.

License Application Process

For the categories of licenses, the information required in the application is in the document cannabis licensing application guide which serves as a guide for the individual and business entity who wish to sell CBD in Canada. 

The licensing of requirement from Health Canada is mandatory for the following CBD activities,

  • Small, large scale business owner to grow cannabis for the purpose of sale

  • Producing CBD products 

  • Selling CBD product for medical purpose

  • Doing research and testing with the CBD

Licenses Categories

Health Canada provides the licensing facility in the following category,

  • Cultivation of cannabis

  • Processing of cannabis

  • Sale for medicinal purpose

  • Testing and research

License for selling Cannabis-derived from industrial hemp 

This is for selling the industrial hemp in the 

  1. Form of product that is made from seeds and oil containing no or fewer phytocannabinoids.  No licenses are required if the THC content is less than 10µg/gas per industrial hemp regulation for wholesale selling.

  2. For products made from leaves, branches, and flowers like CBD oil. License is required for the sale to retailers either processing or cultivation licenses. For sale to consumers, a provincial or territorial license is required and for sale to medical users, medical sales license of cannabis is required.

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