Packaging Made Simple A Step By Step Guide to Packaging

Packaging plays an extremely important role in creating an image for your company. The looks and size of your product determine your position in your customer’s head. Let’s take an example; luxury brands keep their packaging luxury as well to maintain the prestigious image of the firm. Similarly, skincare products use packaging that reflects their purpose and the gender of the product. Still not convinced? Here are some points that will make you realize how packaging makes a big difference for your business:


The foremost purpose of packaging is to develop an identity and a name in the market that would stand out from the rest. Good quality packaging portrays a firm’s detail to the attention, which usually provides a competitive advantage. Unique packaging does not only create a positive impression but also retain potential buyers.

Speak Through Your Packaging

It is a great way to communicate with your buyer. Not only does it create transparency and helps you gain your customer’s trust, but it also provides them with sufficient information to choose the most suitable product for themselves. Providing genuine and authentic information about your product to the customer via packaging is the most suitable way. It creates convenience for the customers to improves the brand’s representation. You can include ingredients, net weight, patent number, and other relevant information on the wrap.

Create an Association

The packaging is the easiest mean for developing a relationship between the firm and the customers, which lead to the brand’s success in the business world. The wrap creates a certain image in the mind of the person who is purchasing it. To develop a stronger bond and retain potential buyers, the packaging must speak to the buyer, so it leaves a lasting effect.

You might see symbols on the back of some products like a leaping bunny or a Mobius. Ever wonder what they mean? These symbols reflect the brand’s nature and inform the customer about it. Leaping Bunny is a symbol of cruelty-free products, and a Mobius indicates that the box/wrap is recyclable, which shows that a brand is playing its part of the social responsibility.

Why it is Important for the Product?

With the increasing competition, every business is on a seek out to achieve a competitive advantage and stand out in the market to improves its sales and brand equity. Versatile packaging is a smart and easy way to do that as it provides multiple benefits. Just with a unique wrap design, you can achieve a lot for your brand.

Protects what’s inside

The packaging should be sturdy and strong enough to protect the product inside. Packaging companies these days provide a wide range of packaging materials, including various designs and textures like cardboard, stickers, metallic boxes, plastic boxes, glass packaging, etc. The most suitable packaging is the one that suits your product, company, and, most of all, your budget.

Improves Customer Experience

The outlook of anything is the first impression, and you know for sure it matters. With attractive packaging, you can achieve a more desirable product and improve the customers’ experience of your company. Iconic designs and appropriate colors (vibrant or pastel) can create an emotional connection.

Stand out

Price differentiation does create a distinction for your product and brand name, but it isn’t enough to penetrate the market and sustain the business; uniqueness and originality help you stand out in the market. Let’s consider an example. Vapes are quite popular among Americans since the legalization of marijuana, which has compelled many manufacturers to make versatile cannabis products like vape. Companies like CBD packaging provides nifty packaging solutions for vape and other marijuana-based products for the very purpose.

Lead Your Way

Have you ever been suggested a product from your friend? Despite not being a representative of the respective brand or being paid to promote that product, some people tell others about how effective or appealing it is. This is how indirect marketing works. The packaging is what plays the most important role here as it develops a connection between the product and the customer. Without extra effort and investment, you get to promote and market your brand name.

Product Description

When the product’s wrapping is labeled with a description of ingredients and procedure guidelines, it creates customer’s convenience, which ups the product’s reputation. Also, you do not have to spend heavily on a digital advertisement that costs way more than packaging.

How Does it Protect the Product?

To create the aptest wrap for your product, you need to consider the nature of your product. Is it flammable? Do the UV rays (sunlight) affect it? Is it liquid, solid, or gas? Is it fragile? Etc. There are various options in protective packaging, which include thermal, electric, and moisture insulation. There are paddings and fillings of Styrofoam that prevent breakage or shattering. You might notice medicine and alcoholic beverages like wine and champagne in colored bottles (mostly green); the reason behind it is to prevent oxidation.

When a customer receives a broken or damaged good, it badly affects the company by not only shaking the purchaser’s relationship and trust but also declines customer retention. Hence, delivering the product safe and sound to the customer is essential for a company’s image and brand success. Moderate and suitable packaging makes transportation and delivery easy.

Box size is another factor that helps in the protection of the goods. If the box or any type of packaging is too big, the product(s) inside will knock against the packaging, which may break it; also, the space in can leave a deceptive impression on the customer as if one’s given less than one asked for. It works similarly with the packaging of crisps that contains ‘so much air,’ which is Nitrogen gas that keeps the crisps from going musty, but people mistake it for less value for money. As for too small, it can either break itself, exposing the product to the externalities and failing its purpose or damage the product by applying too much pressure.

Material Used for Packaging

There are countless options in the material which you can choose to flaunt the theme and nature of your product. The coordination of your brand’s theme, product line, and the packaging should be strong to give off a confident and aesthetic vibe.

Paper bags

Minimalistic khaki or solid colored paper packaging can sell well. This kind of packaging is mostly used for edibles, powdered products, etc. It is a very economical and eco-friendly option. Also, paper packaging can be designed effortlessly as no special tools or inks are required.


This is a multipurpose type of packaging which allows almost any type of goods. It does not have to be a cube or cuboid; there are many shapes in carton packaging. Not only is this a budget and environment-friendly option, but it also opens a door for customization. You can experiment with matt/glossy finishes and catchy designs.


Tags are simple and are used majorly for skincare and edible good (usually handmade). The tags are just for creating value and serve no other purpose. Shapes, colored, and textures can be experimented with, here with description, brand name, or even warm wishes printed on it.

Labels and Stickers

An artistic and easy way of branding your product in labels and stickers. They are usually very colorful and catchy and are applied to bottled goods using adhesives.

Fabric Wraps

Fabric wraps are a popular choice in the beauty industry. Packaging many perfumes and makeup products include a loosely woven sack or a silk fabric for attractive packaging to create a fancy look keeping in mind the customer buying behavior.

Types of Customization in Packaging

Cardboard is customized by adding custom ridges and folding. The corrugation allows cardboard shaping and improves its durability, which benefits in shipping and transportation. As the material is paper-based, the design is easy and affordable.

Stiff boxes are a popular choice for gadgets and other fragile products as they keep their shape which protects what is inside; they are usually made of good quality material which shows the company’s attention to eminence hence, positively affects the company’s name

Polybags or hard plastic containers are also a very good option if you are looking for a sturdier packaging option. Many packaging companies even offer custom labeling for plastic pouches, which can help with branding.

Airtight foil-sealed packages are perfect if you sell dried edibles like nuts or coffee. It keeps the moisture out, and the foil keeps the product hygienic. It is expensive, but worth it.

Themed goods have been trending a lot, lately. Fandoms would kill for a product themed on their favorite character/movie/TV show. This buying behavior is an opportunity as you can design custom themed packaging for themed good junkies and strategically improve your brand equity.

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