The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your CBD Website

Nowadays, the CBD industry is a combination of successful entrepreneurs, uncertain challenges, and new startups struggling to make their mark in the industry. The rapid shifting of interest towards CBD has cost a lot to people. Many face challenges as they are not educated about market trends.

One such similar issue at hand is linked with CBD marketing. CBD marketers must ensure that their message is compliant with the ongoing standards.

Having that said, as you get into developing the marketing strategy for the CBD website, you must ensure that it can tackle the uncertainties along the way.

In this article, you would get to know about the tactics of marketing the CBD website and the prerequisites to make it work. But before that, let us be clear about what is CBD Marketing.

What is CBD Marketing?

Marketing refers to the process of making people interested in your products. All activities of a business related to buying and selling its products are all termed marketing.

When it comes to CBD marketing, the process must also entail acts that differentiate you from other brands. When your strategy becomes compliant with the CBD industry, growth and sales will simply follow up.

Why is CBD Marketing Unique?

The growing popularity of CBD is due to the recent legalization proposed by FDA. However, marketing teams still have to comply with the existing standards.

Therefore, certain elements are exclusive to CBD marketing, thus if you are planning to use traditional marketing tactics, let me tell you, why they won't work for CBD.

• The legal status of any CBD product is dependent on its intended use of the products. Thus, the success of the products depends on how your market them, what you say about them, and how you say it. 
• Another thing that makes it crucial to market CBD products is the never-ending legalization challenges. Although, USA-derived hemp is legal the laws vary from state to state, thus your marketing strategy has to be different as well.
• When it comes to ingestible CBD products, the process of marketing has to be more thoughtful and tedious, as they undergo strict checks before they get approved.

Pre-requisites for CBD Website Marketing

Considering the growing competition in the CBD market, you need a winning marketing strategy for your website to succeed. 

Without that, no one would be interested in taking your brand as unique or special. Thus, here are the components you need to consider while formulating a marketing strategy. 

1. Research Audience

The first step toward formulating a CBD website marketing strategy is to understand and know your target audience.

This must include clarity regarding which age groups you are targeting and why these people need CBD in life. Knowing answers to these can help you build an effective website that would relate well with your target audience and provide what is needed by them. 

2. Research Competitors

Another important factor in building a unique marketing strategy is to know to explore the competitors. 
Exploring competitors in the relevant niche can always help you fill gaps in your marketing strategy.
Above all, it gives you an insight into how other businesses are marketing their websites. This research can help you understand the following:

  • If their marketing strategy is working

  • What is their target audience

  • Improve your marketing likewise 

  • What is their unique selling proposition

  • Plan for the future

3. Defining Value Proposition

A value proposition is defining your selling point to your customers. In other words, it's a statement to convince the target audience to purchase from your website.

The first step to defining this statement also requires you to be familiar with a target audience. Moreover, the statement and core idea should be clear and unique to your brands.

The most prominent features of the unique selling proposition on your website are as follows:

  • Clear and unique

  • Specific

  • Practical

  • Easy to comprehend

  • Relatable to the target audience

Complete Guide to Market CBD Website

The importance of having a unique and engaging website cannot be overlooked. While designing a creative website is time-consuming, it's a gateway to increasing sales and brand popularity.

Having that said websites play an important role in showcasing your mission, products, values, and entire personality of brand. Thus, here's a guide for you to know how!.

  1. Focus on Layout and Design

Designing and building a website can be time-consuming but it simultaneously serves as four walls of securing a brand.

Since it’s an inviting page for the audience to explore the foundation of your CBD brand, therefore it has to be good enough.

Design and layout, both are vital essentials for a successful CBD website. Many brands cut off details websites, but wait!

Let me tell you, the website represents what your brand is all about so cutting out costs on your website creates a big gap between the brand and audience. You can also hire a good professional to do this job.

  1. Thoughtful Landing Page

A well-formulated landing page makes a lasting impact on the audience. This also makes them want to explore the website further.

Your landing page is the face of the website, thus it has to be designed by keeping the audience in mind to boost both sales and reputation. 

  1. Mobile Compatibility

An increasing number of the population is switching to mobile phones for everything. Thus another important feature of CBD website marketing is its mobile compatibility.

Having that said, make sure the website is easily accessible via mobile phone. A recent survey shows that there are more queries from a mobile phone than a desktop. 

Thereby, having a website with global compatibility not only enhances functionality and accessibility but also improves the user experience.

  1. Research About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an excellent marketing strategy to adapt while marketing your CBD website. When done the right way, SEO can help you in improving search rankings.

In basic, there are two major types of SEO that are widely in practice:

On-page SEO: This includes keyword research, SEO content writing, keyword optimization, etc. 

Off-page SEO: This includes SEO activities that occur outside your brand website such as devising social media marketing, PR strategy, link building, etc.

SEO tactics can feel a little overwhelming if you are new to the phenomenon. Thus, it is advised to hire a professional SEO expert to improve the search ranking of your website.

With respect to website marketing, Google talks about two types of search engine optimization

  • Mobile SEO

Google has recently announced that they give more importance to the mobile version of websites rather than the desktop version.

The same applies to your CBD website, thus to grab the benefits of search rankings, your mobile website has to be mobile-friendly to enjoy perks resulting from SEO.

  • Local SEO

Investing in local SEO is important in case you have brick and motor store. Local SEO will help you ensure that people find your business when they search for it.

In other words, local SEO helps improve your website's visibility to attract consumers to the store. 

  1. Invest in Content Creation and Marketing

When it comes to website marketing, content is everything your website needs! While there are many ways to achieve this, one way is to post your content on websites with huge traffic.

Doing this will not only improve your ranking but also help you spread information about your brand. Moreover, don't limit the content to blog posts and emails alone, rather look for more unique ways to promote the brand such as podcasts and videos, etc. 

  1. Join Hands with Social Media Marketing

While many social media platforms don’t allow cannabis advertising but they can totally change the game for how people see your CBD brand.The tip is to learn what to say and how to say it while you advertise your content and website on these platforms.

Posting content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest with non-controversial keywords can help you stay up front among the community of users.

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What Other Things to Take Care of?

From finding out how to market CBD websites to people actually purchasing them, there's a lot that you need to do to make it a personalized experience for people.

Here are some other core features that must not go unnoticed. 

  • Branding

Branding is the art of storytelling. It's a process of narrating the story of your brand to the target audience. In a diverse industry such as CBD, the right combination of logo, design, content, branding, and positioning can transform the entire perspective of your brand. 

  • Product Showcasing

Here comes the pivotal part of the website! Product showcasing is equivalent to directly engaging with the customer. With unique and eye catchy designs and assets, your products and services engage differently with consumers and thus stand out amongst others. 

  • Packaging

Due to many labeling and packaging issues, marketing has become difficult. However, packaging still remains one of the top ways to market your CBD products.

Creative, aesthetic, and relative designs as per the niche can step up the entire game for your website. 
In other words, consumers these days focus more on the cover than what is inside, thus the packaging deserves serious attention. 

How We can Help?

As the CBD industry is growing, more and more people are joining in. Thus staying ahead of the competition has become difficult.

Well, that is not impossible! Packaging is one such feature that is least talked about but makes a huge difference in keeping you ahead of the competition.

Though, it may sound easy but not when you don't have the right team to do it. Our team of expert marketers and designers understand the guidelines and niche requirements quite well.Thus, we will be happy to carefully design customized packaging for your brand and see it bringing success to your brand. 


Marketing the CBD website is beyond learning and planning. It involves a very thoughtful approach and marketing experts to customize the strategy as per your target market and niche.

Get in touch with the relevant authority, share the mentioned guidelines and let these tricks transform your CBD journey!

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