Top Hemp Private Label Companies in The U.S.

While CBD startups are now everywhere in the US, hemp has played a major role in the history of cannabis and CBD products in the USA.

Cannabis used to be one of the top crops in America, which was widely used to make ropes and fabrics. Unless in the early 20th century, hemp was deemed illegal and was prohibited for both cultivation and usage.

The main reason for hemp getting banned was its close association with marijuana, however, the reality is somewhat different.

Hemp is defined as the Cannabis sativa plant that has low levels of psychoactive compounds i.e. less than 0.3% THC content on a dry weight basis.

Not long ago, changes in federal law distinguished hemp from marijuana. The farm bill of 2018, has further declared hemp as an agricultural commodity, thus it isn't considered a controlled substance anymore.

In this article, you will get to know about top hemp private label companies in the US, crucial differences between hemp and marijuana, things you must know about hemp companies, and much more! Read ahead to know more about it.

What makes hemp special?

As per the law, an unnecessary ban on hemp lead to an increase in the use of plastic and other alternatives, which could have made the world a miserable place to live in.

Thereby, Hemp is categorized as superior to marijuana as it contains an acceptable range of THC content, this is less restrictive among states such as Florida, California, etc.

Hemp is not something new. It has been used for years to make essential things such as paper, rope, fabric, etc. A list of its specificities is given below

  • Hemp is majorly used in the manufacturing of CBD oil, hemp oil, cannabis oil, etc. whereas, marijuana is used in the production of THC oil and marijuana oil (with greater THC content than acceptable)
  • Hemp contains an acceptable range of 0.3 % THC content whereas, marijuana whereas contains 15-20% THC content. 
  • Above all, hemp can be grown in most climates, thus easier to manage, unlike marijuana which needs a controlled environment to grow.
  • Lastly, hemp is not responsible for causing high, which also negate all of the assumptions about hemp-based CBD products, as they become absolutely safe to use.

Things you must know about hemp companies

Whether you are new to this business or an established consumer, finding the right hemp company in the US can be very daunting. Here's a curated guide for you, start following these practices and you'll always be on the right track!

  • Quality supply of company

If you can't trust a company for its high-quality, uncontaminated hemp-based CBD products, don't expect their products to be useful.

Want to know how to find a reliable company? One must know that reliable companies source their hemp from farmers who cultivate it on their farms, without any manipulation.

Thus, researching if the company uses hemp which is treated by pesticides or chemical fertilizers may help you in finding the right hemp company to partner with or buy from.

  • Is the company licensed to deal in retail?

When it comes to the "high-risk" business of hemp in the USA, what concerns us all are the legal requirements and regulations.

Whether you are a retailer to be or a consumer, the law applies to all! Therefore, inquire about a company if the hemp they source comes from a licensed farmer or if the company is licensed for retail.

These are the questions you must simply ask or verify before making a purchase from hemp companies in the US. Wondering why is it important?

It is because you could be purchasing or selling unlawful products, which could get you in trouble. Apart from penalties, this may get you into as serious as criminal sanctions.

  • Look for Third party testing

When you are looking for credible hemp-derived CBD products, always look for third-party testing. Many companies have a QR code attached to each product, which gives open access to lab results for each batch of production.

However, you may also request to see the results and analyze the levels of components in each product. A single report can answer a lot of your questions if you have come to the right brand for hemp in the US.

What if there is no third-party testing? Well, in such cases you get no idea of what exactly is that you are selling or purchasing. Without credible lab results, you may be significantly landing yourself in trouble.

  • How much experience does the company have?

Successfully finding the right private label hemp company must come with a proven background record.

This certainly does not mean ignoring new startups, rather the process would become tedious to research them before making a purchase.

Thus, before considering a company as rightfully “the right choice" must be backed up by credible information about how many sales they make, what's their target market and what the consumers have to say about them?

  • What makes them stand out?

If you are looking for the best private label hemp companies in the US then you must have something to rely on the company.

Look for the hemp companies which are actively demonstrating their uniqueness via selling carefully sourced and authentic hemp-based products, rather than passively claiming to be special.

Moreover, it is also important to make sure where the company is operating so that you may know if they are possessing their position and sale of CBD products within legal boundaries.

Which hemp industry should you invest in?

Now that you have substantial information about hemp, and what to look for in a company, you must also know which company to invest in.

None of us would want to invest in a company that can't guarantee value for our money. Thus, if you are planning to be a long-term user of hemp products, then the following key point is for you to read!

  • Certifications and Licenses

Hemp is a highly regulated industry, thus it is important to be sure that you are buying from an authentic company.

 If a company has been awarded certifications and own licenses for its operations, it may speak for the repute of the company.

Though it may all seem unimportant, it ensures that you would receive value for your money in the shape of authentic products.

  • Customer service and reviews

One of the most important benefits of online stores over physical stores is the access to customer reviews and customer service of a hemp company.

In a high-risk business, it becomes increasingly difficult to buy from an unprofessional company.

Therefore, in your initial interaction with the company, ask about their ordering process and observe the time and level of service to ensure you have come across the right company for your needs.

Though it may look complicated, it does save you from entering into an even more complicated process of handling the delays after ordering from them.

Top 7 Hemp Private Label Companies in the US

  1. Charlotte’s Web

Based in the US, the company has always been striving for the production of high-quality hemp products.

Its basic goal is to improve life by natural means, which is why the company deals in non-GMO hemp-based products.

Their entire manufacturing unit has been recognized by FDA and abides by the legal regulations. That is why the company has also been recognized for its good manufacturing process by third-party evaluations.

  1. Bluebird Botanicals

This company is renowned as a winner of the Cannabis Business Awards in 2018. Bluebird botanicals are among the top companies in the US for hemp CBD oil.

When it comes to quality and experience, the company has been among the earliest pioneers and has been setting the quality bar higher for other brands.

The company has been dealing with farmers in Colorado to source their organic hemp. Moreover, the company has been awarded Certificates of Analysis (COA) and ensures that all of its products go to retail without any contamination.

  1. CV Sciences

The company is famous for the development of hemp-based wellness products and pharmaceuticals. What made this company stand out is its reveal of a new product, CBD chew gum.

The gum is layered with nicotine to help people overcome their tobacco addiction. While the company faced a setback due to fraud allegations against them in 2018, yet little came out as truthful and the allegations bounced back quickly.

  1. Isodiol International Inc.

Dealing with wellness and pharmaceutical products, this company is among the very few with a global presence. The firm has its operations set up in the UK, Canada, US, Europe, etc.

This company has also been approved by MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency). This approval allows them to use hemp in their pharmaceutical products.

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  1. Gaia Herbs

The company is renowned for producing a range of natural hemp-based supplements, including their ever-famous hemp oil.

All of their products are made from hemp which is pesticide and chemical free. Ever since 1987, the brand has maintained its image of producing clean and substantial hemp-based products.

What makes them stand out is their commitment to the environment. Thus you must know that your money is not only serving you but also saving the environment as well.

  1. CBDistillery

The company is recognized for its vast range of hemp products. This includes capsules, isolates, creams, lotions, oil, etc.

What makes them even more remarkable is that their products are THC and GMO-free, thus no side effects!

The brand has been awarded a third-party certificate which ensures its guaranteed quality and standard.

  1. NuLeaf Naturals

The company stepped into the field in 2014 and has been working to provide lab-tested, organic hemp-based products in the US.

Among the range of products, the company is mostly known for its unique carbon oxide extraction system, thus retaining the useful content of hemp within the product.

Looking to step into the business?

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Since this is a well-established industry, thus looking for the right company must entail a deep eye for both performance and quality control.

Hemp is all about sustainability, thus the right companies must also do so, to make their mark!

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