Where to Advertise CBD Products - A Detailed Guide

Although the CBD industry is a growing industry many people are still unfamiliar with CBD and many are confused about the legal status of CBD products. So, when you start advertising your CBD products questions from the customers will be `` What is CBD, and is it legal?

The answer to the first question is easy and in your CBD product description but to answer the second question you must have a clear point of view so that you clarify your customers.

Here is the detail about the legal status of the CBD products in simple words that helps you in explaining to your customers and also in advertising. 

Hemp and Marijuana are two plants of the same family that produces a high percentage of the CBD. Now the point is that CBD from the hemp plant is legal, but CBD from the Marijuana plant is illegal.

Now, the question arises in one’s mind that why both produce CBD but why one is legal and the other is not? So, the answer is that the hemp plant produces CBD with a very little amount of THC in it. While the Marijuana plant produces CBD with up to 30% of the THC in it.

It becomes clear that the countries that allow CBD products allow hemp-CBD. This helps you in advertising as you can say that your CBD products are from hemp plants.

Research a Market for CBD Products:

After clarifying the legal status of the CBD products. Now you must research the market where you can advertise your CBD products and get customers. 

Research must be done thoroughly for both online and offline marketing platforms because the online market is also increasing rapidly. The research may take your time but researching before starting an advertisement helps you a lot in an advertisement.

It saves your money as you know the right market for advertisement. Also, you know that from where you get customers easily and where you have to put more effort to get customers for your CBD products.

For your ease let us discuss both online and offline platforms one by one that is good for advertising CBD products.

Online Platforms for CBD Products Marketing or Advertising:

Following are some of the online platforms for advertising your CBD products. However, some platforms mentioned below restrict the advertisement of CBD products due to the legal status of CBD products. but here are some tips for you if you want to advertise on that online platform.

  • Facebook.

  • Instagram.

  • Make a Website or Blog.

  • Affiliate Marketing.

  • Display advertising.

  • Email marketing.

Guideline on How to Advertise CBD Products on These Platforms:

Let us discuss how you can advertise your CBD products online by using the above-mentioned methods.

CBD Product Advertise on Facebook:

Facebook is one of the top-ranked globally used social media platforms. If you simply read the Facebook policy about advertising CBD products it makes you dis-hearted because the policy of Facebook does not allow CBD product advertisement.

But here is a way for you to advertise your CBD products on Facebook. As you carefully read the policy terms of Facebook you came to know that Facebook restricts CBD products but not hemp products.

So, you can advertise CBD products on Facebook without using the word CBD. Instead of using CBD, you can use the word hemp product as it refers to CBD because the main product of the hemp plant is CBD. 

On the other hand, if you advertise your CBD products on Facebook by using the word CBD your account will be blocked. As the privacy policy of Facebook is very strict against CBD.

This is how you can advertise your CBD products on Facebook.

CBD Product Advertise on Instagram:

Instagram is another one of the most used social media platforms. Its policy is a bit less strict than Facebook. On Instagram advertising, CBD products are a bit less risky than Facebook. Here is also a chance that your account may be blocked for advertising CBD products.

The safe way to advertise your CBD products on Instagram is to advertise them indirectly. This means you can post a picture that is related to your CBD products.

The other way is you can make a post about the CBD product with a backlink that takes a reader to your advertising blog of CBD products.

This is the method for advertising CBD products on Instagram.

Make a Website or Blog for CBD Advertising:

Make a website that not just provides information about CBD products but also provides information about the purchase points of CBD products. It is an effective method if you put some effort into it.

The website will attract customers if you make a website by doing complete keyword research (the word or words that are used by many people to search that specific thing).

The main keyword of your website or blog must comprise the word that is mostly used to search CBD products. This is called SEO. This helps you to promote your website or blog. As the website promotes your CBD products are also advertised or promotes.

Affiliate Marketing For CBD Products:

Affiliate marketing means that you allow any third party to advertise your CBD products on their own website and when any customers come by their reference you have to pay commission to the third party as decided.

This is how affiliate marketing works and you can advertise your CBD products through it.

Display Advertising for CBD:

Displaying ads on the top-ranked websites on the search engine will also promote your products and increase customers. This can be done in two ways.

Firstly, you just post an ad on that top-ranked website that contains information about your company and products in exchange for money. Secondly, you also add a link along with the ad that redirects customers to your website from where a customer purchases your products.

The second way is related to affiliate marketing. This is how you can advertise your CBD products by displaying ads.

Email Marketing For CBD Products:

E-mail marketing is also a means of advertisement. This mail is sent to the people that use e-mail. The mail contains complete information about your product along with the guideline for purchasing.

This is also an effective way as 9 out of every 10 people are using e-mail. So, through e-mail marketing, you can attract a large audience and make many customers as well by making your mail impressive.

There is some online paid software that provides you this service. These are some main online platforms with detail where you can advertise your CBD products.

Offline Platforms to Advertise CBD Products:

Offline platforms or ways of advertising are used to attract the customers of any specific area. Some of the best ways of advertising your CBD products offline are given as:

  • Seminars.

  • Provides Samples.

  • Displaying ads in Newspapers or Magazines.

  • Distributing flyers.

Guideline on how to advertise using these platforms:

Let us discuss how you can advertise your CBD products offline by using the above-mentioned methods.


Seminars are held for awareness. You can arrange seminars that inform people about CBD products. You can make some documentary videos related to CBD. 

However, it can advertise your CBD products in a specific area, but it is helpful as people become aware of your CBD products. This will increase your sale.

Provides Samples:

Providing samples is also another strategy for advertising CBD products. Free samples of the CBD products given to pharmacists will also help to increase your sale.

Displaying Ads in Newspapers or Magazines:

Newspapers are equally famous globally. So, you might use newspapers and magazines to advertise your CBD products. You can pay the newspaper or magazine owner for displaying your ad.

This is a very simple but effective method for advertising CBD products offline. It is also not too costly and requires your efforts.

You may say that advertising your CBD products offline is one of the best methods.

Distributing Flyers:

Distributing flyers to the places or areas where you think people are attracted more or to the area where you think you can find customers is also an effective way of advertising CBD products offline.

These are some methods for advertising CBD products offline. There are also some other ways, but these are the most effective ones.


The online and offline platforms are mentioned but if you contrast then online methods are more effective because nowadays there is more trend of online purchase. So, you can get more customers from online advertising as compared to offline advertising.

Author - Noah Nicholls

Noah Nicholls is a full-time Writer, Traveler, and Marketing Expert who is Currently Working for CBD-Boxes. Noah Nicholls writing relates to a range of subjects such as CBD and health.


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