White label vs. private label CBD: Which is better?

The popularity of CBD business isn’t new anymore, however, new entrepreneurs do find this niche a little confusing.

Despite the limitless opportunities for CBD business, it can get daunting, to begin with, your new start-up.

With modern advancements, many companies have started to offer production services to e-commerce business owners, which is why labeling services have become very catchy!

Just like many other factors to take into account, one essential factor is to get clarity among white and private label CBD.

This article will be your walkthrough for all you need to know about both business models, their pros and cons, and what's better for your business. Read ahead to know more about it!

Origin of Private Labeling

The term private labeling originated in the 19th century for use in the retail business. It refers to the product manufacturing by contract or third-party manufacturers for retail.

The products are then sold under the name of the retailer's brand. In other words, private labels include products that can be altered on enhanced in any way as said by the seller.

Since private label brands produce products that are to be sold by one retailer alone, thus the products can be manufactured as per the wishes of the client or seller.

Real-life example to understand better!

To help you get a better understanding of this terminology, here is a real-life example for you to read!

AamzonBasics is an amazon brand providing a lot of household products including chargers, batteries, home goods, and many other items.

Now, as the brand operates under the name of Amazon basics, most of its products are outsourced from private label companies.

These companies manufacture products as specified by Amazon, and thus are sold under their name.

Pros and Cons of private labeling


  • Better control over the manufacturing process
  • Unique products increase popularity in the market
  • Flexibility in product formulation
  • Customization as per the needs of the client
  • Higher revenues over the long run
  • Ability to develop loyal relationships with clients


  • Require greater experience for in-house production.
  • Includes higher initial costs of the products
  • Involve labeling and regulatory challenges
  • Greater launching time, as manufacturers require a longer time duration for product manufacturing.
  • Entails thorough research and unique product development

Origin of White Labeling

The term white label originated in the early 20th century. The term is used to refer to vinyl records or tapes which were packed inside white or black labels, without any marketing or branding.

With respect to CBD, white labels refer to the products made by the manufacturer for multiple sellers.

What makes them different is that products are made without any branding so the sellers can label or market them as their own, in a distinct manner.

The main edge of the white label over the private label is that it helps in conserving both time and money but the white label includes generic products to be a sale by multiple sellers. Thus, the uniqueness of the brand gets compromised in between.

Real-life example for better clarity!

Now that you have a basic understanding of white labeling, now is the time to see it in real life context.

White label CBD coffee can be a prime example in today's world. Are you passionate about CBD coffee but don’t have connections in the most reputable regions?

Well, white label CBD coffee can be a good alternative, as multiple producers sell to clients all across the world.

The companies offer coffee beans, and instant coffee jars, which you can label or customize as per your brand name.

Pros and Cons of white labeling:


  • No need to have the expertise and in-house production experience.
  • It’s an easier way to enter a rewarding market of CBD
  • Lower overhead costs.
  • No hassle of regulatory requirements, as the manufacturer has already been well updated with documents and provides for you as well.
  • The product is already formulated, thus saving you from additional charges of research and development.
  • This also provides confidence that you are selling a reliable and tested product.


  • The biggest drawback is that product would not be unique as it is on a private label.
  • Limited control over the manufacturing, which is why you can only sell what is being offered.
  • Limited choice and variety of products.
  • Lower consumer loyalty, as the product can be quickly replaced by other retailers selling the same product.

Which one is more profitable?

Agree with it or not, profitability is what concerns us all! With junk information on the internet, narrating pros and cons, little is known about the profitability of each.

Thus, it is important to understand the mechanism of profit, before you decide to opt for either as your business model.

Let, me tell you that both white and private labels can generate higher revenues. But people with an already established consumer base and with knowledge of marketing take an edge over other new entrepreneurs.

With respect what can significantly reduce the profit in the white label is the packaging. White label products are often unappealing, which makes the customer think of them as of low quality.

With respect to private labeling, strange alterations in the products can confuse the audience. This is why the products may appear unreliable.

Thus, in short, experience and knowing the “rights and wrongs” of marketing is what decides the extent of revenues from each business model.

Private label vs. white label: Which one is best for me?

Now that you have known clear differences between white and private labels, it's time to dig into what's best for your business.

Let me be honest with you, it depends on the type of products you wish to deal with. Certain CBD products such as CBD oil and medicines gain more potential if they are sold as private label products.

This is because, often consumers feel betrayed when they find out a product has a white label, which they can easily get from anywhere else.

This certainly, doesn't mean that the white label is dishonored. If your basic aim is to source the products, then it’s the most affordable and efficient manner to establish your business.

You can easily search for thousands of CBD white label products and put them out for sale. What can make you stand out are the right marketing techniques and packaging of your products.

However, if you have an already established consumer base, which relies on you, it’s best to work with a private label manufacturer.

These producers can help you design one kind of unique product for your brand, which can be purchased from your brand alone.

If you have a lot of experience and time to invest in the products, then the private label is the one for you!

Above all, don’t forget that these aren’t the only options to get started in the niche of CBD. CBD drop shipping is another potential way to step into this industry.

What other key factors to know?

Whether you choose to opt for a private label or a white label for your audience, there are two additional factors, which you need to consider. Read ahead to know about them!

  • Pricing is a crucial element that also has a lot of roles in making your startup a success. Remember to never price your product based on per unit cost. It must also include the fees of art for creating and designing a product, the charges for packaging and shipping, etc. Moreover, make sure to never go overboard with pricing, as the profit margin should always be realistic and not hasty!
  • The minimum order quantity (MOQ) must be very clear if you are new to the business. If you already know your consumer base then you would be clear to make an educated guess about it. Product minimums can directly impact your strategy and bottom line, thus, you need to be very precise and clear about it, thus to avoid facing any trouble.  

 How CBD boxes can help you!

No matter which business strategy you opt for, the packaging is what makes your brand stand out. The good news is that you don’t have to figure it out on your own!

When nothing seems to work right, CBD boxes know how to handle every barrier in the way!

With years of experience in this niche, we can design perfectly to match the aesthetics of your brand with your claims. Nothing works as well as the best packaging fit to make your brand stand out!


Nonetheless, both white and private label have their advantages and drawbacks. Determining what suits your requirement and idea of business can work best for you.

As the choice is totally yours, sincere motivation and hard work at the planning and creation level can do wonders for your business.

Author - Noah Nicholls

Noah Nicholls is a full-time Writer, Traveler, and Marketing Expert who is Currently Working for CBD-Boxes. Noah Nicholls writing relates to a range of subjects such as CBD and health.


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