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In this modern age, nobody loves to have any unappealing cigar boxes in his hands. You can enjoy excellent quality; a custom made cigar boxes from CBD-Boxes. Our highly professional designers are capable of making attractive designs that can appeal to your customers at first glance. We are using a special kind of cardboard and multipurpose paper inside, which keeps the cigar fresh and stinking free for a long time. But your choice remains our priority, and we make these boxes as per your needs and specifications. We also provide you complete control over the design of cigar boxes. And also we are capable of meeting the hard deadlines.

Whenever a business needs to start, then a lot of factors are considered based on profit and loss or its final outcomes. All these points are jot down to get an idea about which thing can bring the business up to mark. One of the factors which could help enterprises a lot to get on the top is named as Cigar packaging. The packaging is needed and demanded by a lot of industries. The packaging has gone through a complete evolutionary process and fulfills all the needs to add value to the business.

Moreover, the business is getting modernizes and looking for something which could help to increase their worth. Finally, the packaging becomes a symbol of modernizing the business. The packaging provided a chance of better marketing, safety to products, also became the source of recognition for specific brands.

Though there is a lot of industries that are taking about benefits from packaging, also tobacco is one of them. The tobacco industry deals with various kinds of tobacco products like cigars, cigarette boxes, vape pens, etc. Here we will consider cigar packaging as an example and also learn how to made and used it in the tobacco industry.

How Does The Cigar Packaging or Boxes Look A Like?

Cigar boxes are very much different in sense of color size and styles. These boxes are of square or rectangle form, but you can order them in any shape. These boxes have versatile colors, shapes, and sizes, usually;  these boxes are with decent flashy colors to attract more customers. The boxes may contain a specific type of design as a logo of the maker company, something which depicts flavor or importance of cigar or graphical illustration for marketing purposes. These cigar boxes are given very much luxurious looks due to its colorful combination. The cigar is considered as the symbol of the class, so it’s wrapping, as well as packaging, should be made at some standards. 

How Many Types of Cigar Boxes?

Although we do not distribute cigar boxes into specific types, there are few available for understanding.

Random Boxes

Usually, the cigar comes in random shape boxes made with cardboard material. These boxes have a different shape, size, and colors. These boxes are also considered traditional cigar box packaging. These boxes are a blend of history as well as the future of the cigar boxes. In the past, the cigar was packed inside solid cedar boxes, but nowadays cardboard material is used. Those cedar made boxes were way more expensive than regular cardboard boxes also do not offer that much design patterns.

Also, another kind of box is used which makes cigar box-pressed; this feature provides more safety to the cigars. The most important benefit of this cardboard made cigar box is that it could be used for many purposes after the cigar is gone.  

Aluminum or Paper Foil Tubes

Some cigars are available in covering of aluminum or paper foil, which is placed in a glass tube or CBD display boxes of cardboard. These boxes are more sophisticated in nature as well as more costly than usual boxes. These foil covered cigars are placed in a glass tube which makes these cigars dry so when you need to use it you must humidify it for some time.

The Cellophane Covering

This covering is used to protect the cigar. Also, it does not make cigar dry so you can take your cigar with you wherever you are going such as you are going to play golf you may use it. The cigar will remain protected due to this covering in your pocket. The cellophane also able to stop mixing flavor of the one cigar with other cigars.

Who Does Offer the Best Cigar Boxes in the Market?

Cigar boxes demand extraordinary standardizes levels. This could only be possible with more professionalism and experience. The market is full of these companies which are offering quality cigar boxes, CDB-Boxes is also one of them. The CBD-Boxes is a reputed name of the brand packaging that mostly deals with tobacco industry products like cannabis boxes, cigarette boxes, etc. The CBD-Boxes has professionalism as well as experience to handle these sophisticated products like marijuana packaging. The most demanded thing of cigar boxes is their designs which are made with more precision and modesty of being a luxury brand in the market. The CBD-Boxes has all in his company a complete well-equipped team of designers, professional customer service representatives, and the production team. These teams are there to handle your queries as well as to provide you guidelines. The production department is also well versed in his work and aware of how to handle the hard deadlines.  These all teams work together to bring out the best which embarks the name of CBD-Boxes 

What Kind of Material Will be Used For Cigar Boxes?

The CBD-Boxes offers two kinds of materials, the white cardboard, and brown cardboard, this material is used to make cigar boxes. If you want to ship an individual sample of the product, then cigar boxes will be made of white or brown cardboard. But the mailer box will be made using corrugated E flute material. The company is using corrugated material to make shipping boxes.

The client may ask for its desired thickness in the material. Also, these materials are eco-friendly and recyclable, which is entirely environment-friendly. 

Is Customization Dire Need of Cigar Boxes?

The cigar boxes are brands luxurious boxes that must need customization. Because without customization, it is not possible to reach the standard of the cigar box. Most of the time, customization includes color, size, or representation of the boxes. The CBD-Boxes allows printing client brand name, brand image or logo or any graphical illustrations which could uplift the cigar demands. The custom cigar packaging becomes the requirement of the market. Though you accept it or not, we do appreciate customized cigar boxes. 

How Can You Order these Cigar Boxes?

You can order these boxes very easily. First, you need to go through the website of the CBD-Boxes where you can find the detail view of cigar packaging. After that, you may talk to a customer service representative to the know-how of the products, designs and also about our offers. Now you may order in wholesale which will cover your needs of order in bulk. Larger the quantity of the order will cost you less in terms of price also CBD-boxes offer some specifying kinds of perks. The wholesale cigar packaging is an entirely new trend in the market to facilitate the customers.


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